Going-Out Wardrobe Essentials

It's about time to head back to school, which means a lot of you girls are starting to add to your "going out wardrobe". Y'all know I'm in college and I go to parties. I'm extremely responsible, but I won't pretend I'm perfect and that I don't. The first thing to know is to be safe! If you have questions, I answer a lot of them here and also share my tips and golden rules of going out to college parties. Make sure to give it a read if you're nervous for your universities parties this fall. This is going to be one of those posts where I talk about college and partying and if you're not into that, I totally understand! I also understand that this isn't the "preppiest" post, but a lot of you have been asking! But still, if this isn't your cup of tea a new post will be up tomorrow! 💗

When it comes to dressing to go out to parties or day drinks the first thing you need to think about is being comfortable and still feeling confident. Also know that you don't have to spend a ton of money on this part of your wardrobe. Most of my clothing for going out with friends are from BooHoo, Forever21, SheIn, Lulu's, and H&M. Spend you hard earned money on a new pair of Jack Rogers, or a new Kate Spade.

| black bodysuit | yellow bodysuit | ruffle bodysuit | stripe bodysuit | pink crop top | black crop top | white smocked crop top | strapless black crop top | white ruffle dress | black jumpsuit | gingham jeans | black romper | black jeans | cutoffs | jeans | black skirt | black block heels | white ankle boots | blush Vans | white high top Converse | Lulu's wrap up heels | black ankle boots |

I'm telling you now, leave the heels in the closet and go for your Converse or Vans. Nobody is caring about your feet at a party. I want to be totally transparent with you college girls out there who don't know, but basically, fraternity houses are the most disgusting places you will ever go in your entire life. They smell, they're filthy, and pretty much every surface there is sticky. Stick with wearing a pair of shoes that you literally have no care in the world for. That, or purchase a cheap designated "frat shoe". Make that pair the shoes you wear out every weekend and thrown them in the washing machine every once in a while.

I like a pair of ankle boots for winter time. Black and white pairs are good to keep around. Black goes with everything and white also pairs nicely with so many things and really add a fun element to an outfit. Be careful where you wear the white ones though, maybe out to dinner or a concert -- not to a frat house! As you can see, most of my outfits are black and white. These colors are easy to wear with everything. They're also transition through all four seasons, so I don't have to buy going out clothing when the weather changes.

Tops for me also come in black and white with a few colorful ones thrown in. I've been living in my smocked tube top crop top this summer. I wore it with linen pants, white jeans, and high waisted jeans just last week. It comes in several colors too (it's linked below!). What gets me most excited though are bodysuits. I can't preach about bodysuits enough! Some people find them so uncomfortable because of the snaps, but I like that I don't have to worry about keeping them tucked in or anything. You can get these anywhere. Even J. Crew has some great bodysuits!

When it comes to bottoms, I just like denim anything. Black or blue jeans for colder nights and a cute jean skirt or cutoffs for the warmer evenings. Most of the weekends are just casual outings, but every now and then I swap a night with friends with a date function for my sorority. Date functions are much dressier than a regular night out. For that reason, I keep one or two really fun, but cheap dresses in my closet just in case. I literally have maybe one or two of these. Again, cheap! No need to spend a ton of money on a dress that could get something spilled on it or anything. I like to have a few surprise elements in my closet too though, which is why I love the ruffle jumpsuit linked above!

Remember, have fun, feel comfortable and be safe!

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