What's in My College Backpack

Today is my last day of summer vacation. I cannot believe that four months went by so quickly! Tomorrow will be a day full of summer recaps and photos, but today I'm sharing what I keep in my backpack for college. Since leaving high school, I have adjusted what I carry with me on a day to day basis. At JMU, I'm away from my apartment for 12 hours a day and can sometimes eat three meals a day on campus. I don't have the time to go back and get something and oftentimes, I'm running from class, to work, to a meeting, to a tour, to another class and then to dinner so there's not a whole lot of time to grab something that I might have forgotten throughout the day.

This year, I am using a Madeline and Company customized slim backpack. I have used one of Madeline's backpacks for three years now and am excited to use a new one this year. I chose the nylon navy slim pack with a white and blush stripe and monogram. This backpack is both classic and functional, which is the perfect combination for my school supplies. Shop her backpacks here -- they're selling out quickly!

When it comes to other supplies I need, I can get almost everything done on my computer. I like using my Macbook Pro in class and I operate almost entirely off Google Drive because I can access all of my files on my iMac and my Chromebook if needed. I can even get documents on my iPhone if absolutely necessary. For all of you who ask, my laptop stickers are all from RedBubble! I have no more math classes, so pencils aren't needed anymore but I keep thin black pens in my pencil case along with Staedler colored pens and assorted highlighters. I keep all of these in my Kate Spade pencil case. If a professor doesn't allow computers, I keep a spare Five Star notebook in my backpack just in case. P.S. -- always college ruled! The additional technology I keep with me are my wireless Beats headphones for the gym, library, and the bus. I also keep a spare MacBook charger and an extra iPhone charger. Finally, my agenda this year is from Prep Avenue Planners.

Spending a day on campus requires more than just school supplies though. I need everything I need to both live and study in the same environment. First thing I need is my wallet. This has my cash, debit card, and most importantly my student ID in it so I can eat! I also always keep a spare reading book in my backpack. My New Year's resolution was to read more and so far, I have been pretty successful. I'm going on my 13th book this year, so I'm patting myself on the back. Everyone has been recommending When Life Gives You Lululemons so that's what I'm starting to read now. The reason I keep a spare book is because sometimes I just need a break from school work. If I have the time, I'll pick up a pleasure book.

The last few things I keep are beauty and clothing essentials. As far as beauty goes, I don't keep too much makeup in there. Instead I keep makeup remover wipes for when I'm in the library late and am sick of the old makeup on my face. I also keep spare hairties, Advil because I always get migraines at the most inconvenient times, and lip balm. As my "clothing" necessities, I keep my sunglasses for days on the Quad, my reading glasses for studying and reading, and a sweatshirt if it's going to be a chillier day or if I'm going to be on campus late at night.

Finally, I keep some snacks in my backpack. I don't keep too many things because I have a meal plan and will eat lunch on campus, but for the late afternoon I keep a protein bar, some fruit snacks, and a tangerine. Of course, I can't go anywhere without a pack of gum or my S'Well bottle!

Everything fits in my backpack and is used throughout the day. Am I missing something that you find essential in your backpack necessities? Let me know in the comments below!

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