Weekly Skinny: August 20th

What a busy week it has been! I've left my house in Richmond and moved into my apartment at JMU. I'm excited to finally be reunited with all of my friends and start getting back to a schedule. There's something about a weekly schedule of school and work that makes me so happy! I was talking to my mom about this, but although my home in Richmond feels more like home than my apartment, my room at school feels much more "homey" than my room at home. Does that make sense? There's something about having all of my life in one spot that makes me feel a little more comfortable.

I have one week left of summer to spend with my friends at school and to prep for recruitment next weekend. I can't believe it's almost September -- seriously, where did August go?! Between packing, moving, and organizing my life I guess I missed August and it's entirety.

Google Calendar -- I mentioned I spent all weekend getting my life together and one of the big helps was Google Calendar. I organized all of my recruitment events, spirit days, class assignments, football games, daily blog posts, giveaways, and Markley Prescott meetings all in one calendar. Its color coded too, which makes life a thousand times easier!

One Liter La Croix -- I don't know why Harrisonburg of all places has one liter bottles of La Croix, but they do and they are saving my life! I drink La Croix all the time. It's really helped me take a step back from my love of Diet Coke and cranberry Sprite. I found these bottles at the Marketplace Walmart near JMU and bought half a dozen of them right then and there. I take a single bottle to class with me and it lasts all day long.

Samsung Notebook 9 -- Tonight on Instagram I am giving away a Samsung Notebook 9 and the Notebook 9 Pen that goes with it. Samsung sent me one of these small but powerful machines and I have been loving it these past few weeks. It's one of those laptops that turns from a computer to a tablet and has a no-charge pen so you can doodle, draw, and take notes on the tablet. The last thing I needed in my life was another computer, but boy was I wrong. I love this thing! Stay updated on my Instagram for when the giveaway goes live!

Rust Beret -- It's time to start talking about fall because it's just a month way! Time to start shopping sweaters, plaid, and riding boots. I went to Forever21 last week and found this rust colored beret and I need it to get cold so I can wear it. I wore my black beret to death all last year and this rust colored one was too cute to pass up. It's only $13 too!

To All the Boys I've Loved Before -- Okay, what a cute movie. This teen rom-com was originally a book and took young adults by storm. Netflix just released a film of the book and it was just about the cutest movie I've ever seen. It's about sister's bonds with one another, a father's love for his daughter, and a girl's struggle with finding her confidence. The cast is perfect and the humor is incredible. You have to watch it!

Better Homes & Garden Mirror -- All summer I've been looking for a prop up full length mirror for my apartment. Every time I found one that I loved it was upwards of $100 and there was no way I was going to spend that much money on a mirror. When shopping at Walmart for a pack of lightbulbs last last week, I came across this mirror from Better Homes & Gardens what fit every specification I was looking for. It was only $41 on top of everything! What a steal.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs -- My last "treat yo self" moment of summer was when I purchased my favorite bottle of perfume. I have wanted a "signature scent" for a while now. Something that I can wear that makes me feel fancy. Research has shown that picking out a signature perfume helps with aroma therapy, confidence, and helps with "feeling totally dressed". I know Daisy is "basic" but the floral, airy tones represent feeling clean, polished, and put together. To me, investing in perfume is the same as investing in a black dress, a handbag, or a classic watch.