3 Outfits for Back to School

Happy first day of school for many of you high school readers! I know I've been in school for a while, so by now I'm a seasoned pro but so many of you are headed back today to begin a brand new year -- how exciting! One of my biggest stressors in high school was determining what to wear every day. I went to Catholic school for nine years, so for my entire elementary and middle school education I wore a uniform to school. For nine years I dressed in the same kilt, button up, knee socks, and sweatshirt. It was easy and second nature for me to grab for my closest kilt and throw it on each morning. We weren't even allowed to wear makeup, jewelry, or nail polish to school so really the effort level for Catholic school was at an all time low for nine years.

I went to public school for high school so the thought of having a choice on what to wear each day was mind blowing. Did I really have to do this every single morning? What really helped me when deciding what to wear to school every morning was looking to bloggers to share their favorite back to school outfits. I'm sharing three fun outfits you can wear this Fall for back to school depending on your comfort level. Even in college, I still need a little inspiration on what to wear if I'm feeling like "dressing up". Of course, I can't go a week without wearing leggings a day or two, so I always try to dress up the look with jewelry, a fun hoodie, or a crisp white sneaker. If you're feeling like dressing up a sweater, try a fun belt, a great pair of shoes or a tote bag rather than a backpack!

| Sweater | Jeans | Shoes | Glasses | Belt | Earrings (similar) |

| Sweater | Jeans | Belt | Hair Scarf (similar) | Earrings | Shoes (on sale!) |

| Sweatshirt | Leggings | Shoes | Hat | Watch | Vest |

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