The First Weekend of Recruitment

One weekend down, one to go -- and I am feeling the aftermath of 1000+ girls in the exact same room. If you haven't been on my Instagram lately then you haven't seen my several sorority posts I made this past weekend. JMU is going through fall formal recruitment right now and not even a hurricane can stop us.

This year, we are hosting two weekends of recruitment with the more casual rounds last weekend and the more formal sisterhood and pref rounds this upcoming weekend. I am on a special committee this year that doesn't actually recruit. We make sure that everything behind the scenes operates smoothly and efficiently. I can't quite go into detail about everything but I can say, without us recruitment for ADPi wouldn't happen.

Throughout the entirety of this rainy weekend, I filmed a weekend in my life so you can see a little behind the scenes of the other side of recruitment. Don't worry though, part two is coming next week! For now make sure to like and subscribe because I'm posting videos every week!

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