Popping Your "Bubble of Self Doubt"

I have had this post drafted for a while now and never quite knew what to entitle it. Just this past weekend a friendly reader of mine messaged me on Instagram inquiring (unknowingly) about this post and absolutely inspired the title behind it! For the gal who asked, you know who you are!

We've all experience extreme self-doubt in our lives. Whether it be through your school years in the classroom, on the field or court as an athlete, or in the conference room at work -- we all have that moment where we hesitate on our next actions because we doubt ourselves. It's a common and natural instinct for all of us to have and truthfully, I believe having doubt is a good thing. It keeps us in check, on the path and helps us ask ourselves serious questions about how to act and what to say. All that said, self-doubt becomes a toxic thing if not served with a heaping dose of self confidence.

I am asked quite often to share my tips for starting a blog, a YouTube channel, or a big project. It's flattering that so many people look to me for advice and as many times as I share my tips, whether they be here or on Instagram, I can't take those big steps for you. Once asked these questions, several weeks later the same readers follow up with me saying that they didn't start x project because they just didn't know if it would work for them. The dark cloud of self-doubt that hung over them kept them from starting something that could have been life changing. Asking ourselves "Is this a good idea?", "Am I sure this is the right thing?", and "Is this really smart?" are all extremely valid questions we should all be asking when we take on any big project, but without your self-confidence to push you past the cusp of doubt, no advice I or anyone could ever give you will push you to take that final step.

Truth be told, we are all scared to start new ventures in our lives. Nothing in school could ever really prepare you to launch a business, a blog, or any form of personal brand. You can sit in as many marketing, management, public relations, and accounting classes as possible but when your soul, name, and livelihood are attached to something you care about, the only option on the table is to see something through to success. Failure is not an option when it comes to our passion projects so obviously, asking yourself "self-doubt" questions are important to keep your business model and brand in check. However, you shouldn't let self-doubt in itself keep you from taking a leap of faith.

When I started Daily Dose of Prep, I didn't tell anyone because I was so terrified that people wouldn't understand or respect it. And of course, some didn't. When I told some of my friends in high school they looked at me like I had three heads. My freshman suite mates thought it was a joke and yet I still kept taking photos, writing posts, and each week sponsorships would show up at my door and prove myself little by little.

The thing is, is you can't allow someone else's pre-determined opinions about you or your endeavors keep you from pursuing your passion. Should you be asking yourself doubtful questions like "Is this the right choice?" and "Is this the best path for me?" -- absolutely you should! Never do anything without thinking it through, but take those questions and answer them and then readjust your plan so you can reach your goal. Don't ask yourself those questions and simply stop. There is a difference in pausing pursuit and stopping pursuit, and when it comes to goals and dreams, never stop pursuing them.

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