5 Outfits to Wear This Football Season

Get up, it's game day! Finally, football season is back in full force which means us ladies have to start planning our game day outfits. I have had so many requests to share some of my favorite game day outfits with you, and the ladies on last night's Instagram Live convinced me to share. I know we all go to different schools around the country, so I shared my outfits with my school colors and tee shirts, but of course, swap those out with your team colors and logos!

Football is basically a religion here at JMU. Although we aren't in the SEC, we are still a division one school and have a few national championships under our belt. This Saturday is the first football weekend for the Dukes of JMU and I couldn't be more excited about it! Here people don't dress up in sundresses and fancy jewelry to watch our team bring home a win. We dress in our favorite tee shirts, a great pair of cut off shorts and a pair of cute sneakers. I love this easy going way of tailgate dressing because to put things simply, crazy college kids at a tailgate and girls in sundresses don't mix well.

Although we don't get too dressed up, I always think it's fun to put a spin on a tailgate outfit. I won't necessarily go for a dress, but I love a fun envelope skort or denim skirt for a more feminine and put together look. One thing I will never do though, is buy an expensive tee shirt from the bookstore just to cut it up into practically nothing and wear it as a top. I don't know why people do that, but honest to goodness there are so many other things to wear! All I'm saying is if my mother or father saw me in a cut up tee shirt the size of a bandana wrapped around my chest to be used as a top they would yank me back home ASAP. I will however chop the bottom of a super-sale tee to turn it into a crop top and that's just about it.

Nevertheless, I find the five outfits below to be my go to looks for game day. I share looks to start you off in warmer weather and looks for chillier games that will carry you all the way through parents weekend and homecoming. Don't forget your sorority or organization button and a fun earring to complete the look. Make sure to grab a see through belt bag or satchel for stadium safety!

| classic tee (tucked in) | denim cut offs | colored glasses | converse |

| white wrap sweater | black denim skirt | over the knee boots |

| school bodysuit | white pleated skirt | colored glasses | converse | clear belt bag (similar) |

| long sleeve tee with rolled wrists | denim skirt | sorority button | cowboy boots | clear belt bag (similar) |

| purple surplice sweater | envelope skort (similar) | gold hoops | white mules | clear satchel |

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