Five Podcasts You Need to Listen To

This past year, I've become a big fan of podcasts. Especially when I work at the library becasue I can listen to them while I shelve books. Podcasts are a great way to expand your thoughts, learn new things, and catch up on pop culture withough cracking the spine of a magazine or textbook. Podcasts come in a wide range of topics and I guarantee, there is a perfect one out there for you.

If you love listening to TED talks, you will simply adore podcasts. Today I want to share with you my five favorite podcasts at the moment. I listen to a variety of podcasts, as you will soon read. They span from educational to literary and even humorous. I am always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to so make sure to comment donor suggestions down below!

Potterless -- If you love Harry Potter 🙋🏼‍♀️ then you need to listen to the Potterless podcast. It's hosted by a 26 year old man who is just reading HP for the first time. He hasn't seen the movies or anything but shares his predictions about the books with his Harry Potter loving friends. It's probably the nerdiest thing about me but I really do love Harry Potter. The hose is th so funny and it makes me relive reading the books.

Chicks in the Office -- If you love pop culture and want to laugh when listenting to your podcast, then you need to listen to Chicks in the Office. The women of Barstool Sports host this podcast and talk about the pop culture tailored to most women in their twenties. Everything from all of these rapid Hollywood engagements to The Bachelor are discussed in the weekly episode and the hosts are hilarious as well. Ria and Fran keep things exciting with celebrity guests each week too.

Skimm'd from the Couch -- This is the sister podcast to The Skimm, a daily newsletter that details all you need to know about politics, the environment, international news, pop culture, and business -- all sent directly to your email. This podcast leaves all of that for the inbox though and strictly discussses women in business, how they got there, and what they did once they made it to the top. If you're interested in business, starting a company, or becoming an entrepreneur you absolutley have to listen to this podcast.

Business of Fashion -- For all you fashion lovers out there, this podcast is for you. It is regarded as an essential daily source for fashion lovers and entrepreneurs. You get the front row seat to interviews with designers and editors. Every episode is ridiculously fascinating and gets your business mind working.

First Draft -- Literature lovers, this podcast has your name on it! I still read some YA novels and series and if you do too, then First Draft is a great podcast to listen to. Sarah Enni sits down with authors and asks not only about their books and series but also about their journey when writing the books. I really enjoy learning about the behind the scenes work that goes into any project and this podcast does a nice job of promoting a new book while giving you a VIP experience with authors.

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