Weekly Skinny: September 26th

It's the last week of September! I feel like September has been going on forever but, I swear last year this month flew by the quickest. Even with such a busy schedule I still feel like these past few weeks have gone by so slowly. Good news is, it's hump day and the weekend is just about here. I'm stoked to be going home this weekend to visit my parents and sisters. I haven't been home since moving to school, so a few days back in Crozier will be nice. Technically, this semester is at the quarter mark, so professors are piling on speeches, papers, and exams. Once Thursday comes, I know I'll be enjoying smooth sailing for the rest of the weekend.

What I'm Watching: Grey's Anatomy -- I'm 15 seasons late to the hit show but better late than never, right?

What I'm Drinking: Blueberry tea and the caramel apple spice drink from Starbucks.

What I'm Eating: Ravioli Gratin. I bought a huge bag of ravioli for late nights when I don't feel like cooking and about two weeks ago, got really sick of ravioli with red sauce on repeat. I pan seared my ravioli with broccoli (sub spinach), garlic, Italian herbs, parmesan, and breadcrumbs and oh my goodness is it delicious! It also only takes 10 minutes to make.

What I'm Reading: Two Dark Reigns by Kendaire Blake (3rd book in the Three Dark Crowns series).

What I'm Listening To: My Fall Drives playlist on Spotify. This time of year makes me think of driving home for a weekend through the Blue Ridge mountains. The leaves are gorgeous and my sister and I always listen to acoustic music.

Kors buys Versace -- Can you believe Michael Kors bought Versace for $2 billion?! This changes the fashion game on an extreme level. Let's be honest, a Michael Kors bag is a relatively affordable thing, Versace on the other hand is simply out of my wallet's grasp. Now with Versace on their side, Kors goes from a high end affordable retailer to an absolute luxury brand.

EllieO Pajama Giveaway -- If you missed it on Instagram, I teamed up with a few bloggers to bring you a pajama giveaway. There will be seven winners, so if you follow all the rules and enter on each blogger's page, you have a great chance in winning a pair of seersucker pj's of your choice! EllieO makes great products and are rolling out their holiday pajamas right now so you can shop for your family.

Topshop Mock Turtle -- Sweater season is hands down the best season and this Topshop mock turtleneck is everything for fall. I tend to gravitate to neutral colors like cream, nude, black, and caramel but this burnt orange is too good to pass up. The price on this sweater is also incredible reasonable as well. If you want more sweaters, you can shop 60+ sweaters here.

Mind of Jake Paul by Shane Dawson -- I was recently introduced to Shane Dawson through a friend here at school who loves conspiracy videos. Although those videos aren’t my cup of tea, the videos of Shane Dawson going deep into the lives of popular YouTubers is insanely fascinating to me. His Tanacon series left me speechless, so did his Jeffree Star videos so I know this Jake Paul series will be just as captivating.

Hadid Dinner Party -- Vogue created a short clip of the fabulous Hadid family, mother and all, at a high fashion dinner party complete with dancing. Everything about this video is amazing - the fashion, music, and Yolanda's fabulous dance moves. The entire video just exudes elegance and personality -- two things the Hadid family doesn't lack.

Chelsea Hunter Rain boot -- I love my Hunter rain boots so much, I wear them all the time! One thing I don't love about them though is how large the calf is. It makes them so clunky when I'm on my feet at work all day. One thing I think would be extremely beneficial in my wardrobe is the Hunter Chelsea rain boot in navy. These might be popping up on my Christmas list this year.

Bon Appetite Chocolate Waffles -- Finally! I make pancakes or waffles just about every weekend for my roommates and I and I have been looking everywhere for a chocolate pancake/waffle mix that I love. I think this one fits the bill! Chris also made a great granola topping which is so different and unexpected for waffles. I can’t wait to try this recipe out.

Isaac Mizrahi TED Talk -- This is a TED talk from 2008, so basically I was 10 when he gave it. I can't believe I'm just finding it now. Despite its recording date, I loved this TED talk. If you're a podcast lover, make sure to download the TED app! I listen to these when shelving books at work, on the bus or when I'm cleaning my room. Mizrahi talks about where he gets his fashion creativity from and I sympathized with almost every word he said. It's a true learning tool for those interested in creative projects or starting a business.

Leaf Map of New England -- Sarah Vickers released her tips and timeline for navigating the New England foliage this fall. Sadly, New England is a good 10 hours’ drive from me but nevertheless, it makes me want crisp October days even more. Sarah also shares dozens of photos from her blog and photoshoots with her husband, Kiel. You can't deny their eye for a great photo.