Weekly Skinny: October 3rd

Can it be Friday already? Do you know the stress you feel when a crazy busy week that sneaks up on you? That's me. Right now. The crazy thing about having channels like Instagram and a blog is that they share exactly what I want for you to see and currently, I'm not sharing too much because my life is like a tornado ran through it. Soon I want to share a post about how I manage school and blogging and all the struggles that I've personally faced with that, but for now, I want to share the things that have helped me smile amidst this insane workweek.

What I'm listening to: Fall puts me in my feels, I know...strange. For some reason every fall I just want to sit under a blanket, work on my computer next to a Bath and Body Works Leaves candle and listen to acoustic music. Right now I'm loving the "This is Adele" playlist and the "Sam Smith Complete Playlist" which can both be found on Spotify.

What I'm drinking: Lemon La Croix is the common drink of choice lately, but in the evenings I love Celestial Seasonings Blueberry tea.

What I'm eating: Garlic Roasted Potatoes. One thing I love doing each day is cooking dinner for myself. Sometimes I fall into the "too busy to cook" rut that all college kids go through and end up eating a Lean Cuisine meal, but mostly I cook meals for myself each night. Once summer winds down, I switch from making a lot of pasta to cooking potatoes for some reason. I love this recipe from Ina Garden. Note: if you cut the potatoes into smaller pieces and don't cook as many on one pan, it cuts down on the lengthy roast time!

What I'm watching: I'm still entrenched in Grey's Anatomy. I never ever though I would like Grey's, but my little sister really convinced me and I fell down the rabbit hole. The show gets a little serious sometimes though, so I started re-watching Veep as something a little more lighthearted and funny.

What app I'm using most: The Unfold app is an absolute lifesaver and has helped with making quick Instagram stories on the fly. I did spend the extra dollar for more templates but I use it all the time so it's worth it!

PS: It's October 3rd and it's a Wednesday -- I hope you're wearing pink.

Best Grilled Chicken Sandwich -- One of my favorite meals is a classic grilled chicken sandwich. Molly from Bon Appétit is really speaking my language in this video. She combined the classic Caesar salad with a delicious grilled chicken sandwich. It's an extremely simple recipe with a great final product.

Velvet High Rise Jean -- Forget corduroys this fall, go with high rise velvet jeans from J. Crew. When I went home this past weekend, I stopped by J. Crew and tried these pants on and am so happy I did. Sadly, they didn't leave the store with me but goodness are they comfortable, flattering, and so on trend. Velvet in place of jeans is an unexpected twist for pants this fall.

Half Off Boyfriend Sweater -- Most of the time, I go to class in leggings and a sweatshirt and a pair of New Balance 574's. The sweatshirt that I wear probably twice a week is my Marley Lilly boyfriend sweater. These sweaters are so comfortable and so cute that I ended up buying all my sisters one last Christmas. Right now, they're half off and extremely affordable so make sure to go get one before they raise the price again!

"Shallow" from A Star is Born -- A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper comes to theaters on October 5th. I have been a big Lady Gaga fan for a while now and who can resist Bradley Cooper? All I know is this movie is one to watch. JMU had an early screening of it yesterday and although I had a conflict and couldn't go see it, I heard so many incredible reviews about the movie. Shallow was trending at #48 yesterday on YouTube and shares a glimpse into what to expect when you see the movie. The talent is undeniable.

3 for $12 Hair Accessories -- Hair accessories are the new "felt beret" this season and it seems like every time I walk into a store more and more people are starting to catch onto the trend. Free People is running a 3 for $12 sale on hair scrunchies. These aren't just any scrunchies -- some have bows, ribbons, silk scarves attached, and some are made of fun materials like corduroy and satin. I took advantage of the deal and you should too!

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