4 Easy Costumes for Halloween

We're halfway through October which means Halloween is quickly approaching. I'll be the first to admit that I don't love Halloween. Aside from seeing cute kids asking me for candy on my parents' doorstep, the holiday isn't something I look forward to like many of my friends. Being in college though means that Halloween is basically a weekend long party and a rotating wardrobe of costumes is pretty much necessary.

I don't subscribe to insane body and face makeup or wearing practically nothing "for the sake of the costume". After all, it's the end of October and there's no way I’m going out dressed like that. I will however create cute and easy costumes from my wardrobe. I try to stick to purchasing only a few small things, maybe a pair of ears here or a pair of sunglasses there - nothing major.

Today I am sharing four extremely easy costumes you can re-create for Halloween featuring one item to buy and the rest you can find from your preexisting wardrobe. I already have a few costumes decided for this year, but I'm still scouting for ideas so leave your costume ideas in the comments!

Unicorn: This costume popped up over the past few years and now it seems like everyone is going as a unicorn for Halloween. It's an easy costume though and perfect for someone on a budget. For this costume, you need a white tee or bodysuit, a fun glittery skirt or tutu, a pair of white converse and some glitter. To quite literally top it off, you will need to buy a unicorn horn headband. If you want to find one try Target, Walmart, Michaels Crafts, Party City, and Books a Million. They're very inexpensive and can be found practically anywhere!

Donna from Mamma Mia: This costume is so easy! Donna from Mamma Mia is a simple and cute costume that you can recreate this Halloween. All you need is a white peasant blouse, a pair of overalls, a white sneaker and a tool belt. Donna wears her head in a half up half down messy hair style and wears a tool belt around her waist. If you want to be a Dynamo from Donna and the Dynamos, you’ll need bellbottoms and a feathered boa!

Steve Jobs: My sister Leslie went as Steve Jobs last year for Halloween and my family joked around with her about her costume for a little bit there last October, but it was an extremely creative yet simple costume. Steve Jobs wore the exact same outfit every day and his consistency has remained iconic. All you need is a pair of denim cutoffs, a black turtleneck, black ankle boots and a pair of silver rimmed glasses. Lastly carry around you're iPhone all night. Or an apple if you want to be more literal.

Cher from Clueless: An iconic costume if I've ever seen one, Cher is the epitome of 90's style. If you want to dress like Cher, first you need to buy a yellow plaid skirt. Next, style the skirt with a white blouse and a yellow cardigan from your closet. Style your favorite classic heels with white knee high socks for a final touch.

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