Fall Room Tour

Since moving to school I've rearranged my room about four times trying to find the perfect set up and I think I've finally done it. I feel at home here, I feel comfortable here, and I feel welcomed here. I love this room set up and love coming here, wiping my feet at the door and taking my shoes off.

Last year I lived in a little shoe box room and actually loved it. The bed could only be placed long the wall and there was no other place for the desk other than right by the door. I had a tiny little closet but a window with an incredible view of campus. I loved that little shoebox room, but when I moved out and into this new apartment complex with some of my best friends those memories in the little shoebox room quickly were a thing of the past. This new bedroom is spacious, roomy, and welcoming.

To start, the second I walked into the apartment alone this summer I noticed I had brand new carpet. Let me tell you, nothing feels better on your feet after a long day than a plush new carpet. I also had plenty of room to move my furniture around and find the perfect configuration for my space. I love the fact that I can turn my desk around and have a little office space and believe it or not, I love the fact that I have two closets. I know, two closets?! Not so fast. I have the bedroom with the hot water heater but it convenient is stored in an additional closet that I store all of my packing boxes, duffel bags, and 12 packs of La Croix in. It saves on the clutter around the room and frees up so much space in my clothing closet.

When I started shopping for this apartment over the summer there wasn't too much I needed. First, I knew I wanted a new comforter. I loved this pajama striped duvet from P.B. Teen. I reached out to my friends at Leigh Deux and asked if they sold headboard cover's for their queen headboard pillows and they were kind enough to send me one! This headboard is the key to tying my entire room together. They also sent me this tassel bolster pillow.

Another thing I really wanted to buy was a great desk lamp. I found this beauty from Target and immediately purchased it. It offers such great warm lighting and is adjustable depending on how much light you want. In my desk space, I also have two gold framed whiteboard calendars for planning the current month as well as next month. This way I can see what's going on during my weekends mostly.

In my bathroom, you really get a glimpse of how "real life" is. My bathroom is organized chaos. I didn't want to hide anything regarding my toiletries for you. Everything on my three tiered stand I use all the time. I also store my hair dryer, makeup, and mouthwash all by the sink as well.

I love the way this space turned out for Junior year, I'm excited to spend my next two years here!

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