Weekly Skinny: October 24th

I've been to bed at 3am every night this week -- it's that kind of week. You know, those weeks where you swear your professors all sat down and meticulously scheduled everything on the same day. We've all been there and it's all good stress but yes, it's been one of those weeks.

In addition to a busy schedule, each morning has been below 30 degrees. Can you predict a bad east coast winter, because I can! Nevertheless, seeing frost on the grass and a warm color palette on the mountains has been nothing but beautiful, so I'm grateful for the change in temperature. I'm camping out in Barnes & Noble cranking out papers every evening, but come Friday I'll be sitting in the movie theatre while everyone else is in class silently sobbing to myself while I watch "A Star is Born". Yes, I know how it ends but I'm still so excited to see it.

Lastly, all my friends are coming back!! It's hollo-homecoming this weekend at JMU which means not only do all my graduated friends return to Harrisonburg, but we get to be ~spooky~ while they're here. Several of my close friends from ADPi are coming home as well as my mentors in Student Ambassadors. This weekend is going to be fantastic.

What I'm Eating: A variation of this Chicken Risotto recipe. I cut down the portions and cut out the celery and saffron. Of course, it doesn't make for the same flavor but it's still delicious and very easy to make.

What I'm Listening to: Is it bad to say I'm already listening to Christmas music? It just makes me so happy! If you want to start listening too, check out my playlist here. If you're not listening to Christmas music, I'm listening to Lady Gaga on Spotify.

What I'm Watching: My roommate and I started watching Manifest on NBC. It's good if you like science fiction mixed with mystery and relationship building. Truthfully, the big reason I'm watching it is for Josh Dallas (who will always be Prince Charming, ok?).

What I Can't Live Without Right Now: This. Candle. I have three stocked and ready to go once Halloween passes next Wednesday.

73 Questions with Michael Kors -- I have loved the 73 Questions series on Vogue for years now and the newest Michael Kors episode is great. I grew up watching him on Project Runway and think he's hilarious and very true to himself.

3 Shelf Rolling Cart -- I was in search for something I could prop my alarm clock and reading books on that wasn't too expensive and I finally found it last night. This 3-shelf rolling utility cart from Target is only $20 and was extremely easy to assemble. It makes for a great bathroom unit, side table or bar cart.

Gold Glitter Vans -- They're back! I love my glitter Vans and at school, so many of my friends know me for my glitter shoes. The pair I purchased last Winter quickly sold out on Urban Outfitters, but Madewell is currently collaborating with Vans and created their own glitter pair. Now is your chance to purchase them if you've enjoyed seeing me style mine!

Tweed Blazer -- Blazers have made their statement loud and proud this season and come winter, I don't think they're going anywhere. We've seen oversized blazer coats styled on our favorite influencers, and even Lady Gaga at the 25th annual Women in Hollywood celebration. This tweed blazer is not only affordable even on a college girl's budget, but it's a classic piece you can style a thousand ways.

Holiday Inn the Musical -- I saw my first Broadway musical when I was 14 and since then I have so enjoyed watching musicals and listening to their soundtracks. Now that we've entered the season of the "holiday trifecta" (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) all I've listened to is the Holiday Inn soundtrack. It's full of Irving Berlin songs and features retired East High Wildcat, Corbin Bleu. Last year PBS broadcasted the musical and it's now on YouTube. If you love Broadway or the classic Holiday Inn film, you should watch this!

Wild Fable Jean Jacket -- I bought a jean jacket on Friday. I never, ever thought I would purchase a jean jacket for myself and yet here we are. It's chilly here in Virginia in the morning but around 2pm the sun warms up the atmosphere which makes it too hot for my parka. I wanted an extra jacket to layer over top of a sweatshirt, so I purchased the jean jacket. I went two sizes up and it was only $30. I've worn it all week honestly with sweaters, turtlenecks, scarves and leggings. It helps make the cutest outfits.