Weekly Skinny: November 21

This might be my favorite week of the year. Something about Thanksgiving break just gets me really excited about the Christmas season. It's the week where my family starts decorating the house and I start planning Christmas posts and my holiday shopping. I also love this week because it's the first week in the past 13 that I have no school responsibilities. The fact that I can go to bed before midnight on a regular basis while on Thanksgiving break is the greatest thing.

Last week, was a crazy week and lacked a weekly skinny post because of that. I ended up writing four papers in three days last week, and blog posts just weren't on my mind. I always feel really guilty when I don't get posts up every single day (which has been happening a lot the semester), but I'm trying to get that under control I swear!

What I'm Drinking: The Medicine Ball tea from Starbucks is a life save and I can't stop drinking it. It's steamed lemonade and water with jasmine mint tea and peach tea bags -- sounds disgusting but I swear it's delicious. I clears your sinuses and boost your immune system in a matter of minutes. It's not on the menu, but if you ask for it they'll know what to make!

What I'm Watching: Grey's Anatomy has consumed my life. I just finished season five, which naturally had me in tears at the end. People who have watched the show say it's the best season in the series and I completely agree.

What I'm Wearing: Every morning when I get dressed for school, I never leave home without this scarf. It's the extremely warm and goes with everything. I've linked it a few times but never specifically touched on how great it is. I'm not joking when I say it's affordable and comfortable, but also isn't scratchy around my neck.

What I'm Listening To: If I'm not listening to my Christmas playlist, I'm listening to by Fall Drives playlist or A Star is Born, because I'm honestly still not over that movie!

Sequin Blazer Romper -- Hello party season! This romper screams Christmas cocktail and I'm loving it! When it comes to dressing for Christmas parties, I like finding festive, unique outfits and I think this one fits the bill. I love the black sequins with the blazer lapels. The combination is really special and on top of that, it's extremely affordable!

73 Questions with Emily Blunt -- Emily Blunt took over the Vogue office for Anna Wintour last week and it gave everyone major Devil Wears Prada vibes. She strutted around the Vogue floor in NYC, looking fabulous, answering questions about her new movie, her relationship with John Krasinski, and current fashion trends.

Topshop at Nordstrom -- Topshop has sold product in Nordstrom for years and years but recently their collection has been catching my eye. First of all, the prices are great but what I really love about the Topshop items sold at Nordstrom is their versatility. The collection comes with some statement pieces like faux fur coats, but also comes with staple wardrobe items like sweaters and blouses.

Kendall Jenner & David Dobrik -- If you watch David Dobrik on YouTube, you need to watch his latest video. Turns out, Kendall Jenner is a fan of his and sent him a message on Instagram asking to be friends. Two weeks later, she and her friends were in one of his vlogs.

Glitter Mule -- Be prepared to see a lot of festive holiday clothing on the blog these next few weeks and these are no exception! These glitter mules from Madewell need to find their way to my closet right. now. They're perfect for spicing up any casual outfit and are currently an extra 25% off!