25 Gifts for the Girl in Her Twenties

The first of the many gift guides to come is here! I love making gift guides for y'all. It's one of the things that makes Christmastime blogging so much fun. I love excessive online shopping and what I love even more is when my friends at school text me and say they sent my gift guide to their mother 😂.

The first gifts guide this year is 25 both useful and affordable gifts for the girl in her twenties. Girls in their twenties are either just finishing their college career or figuring out their professional career. They are finding their personal style, making new friends, furnishing and decorating their first homes or apartments, and just trying to figure out how to "adult" while still grasping onto the last strings of their childhood. Truthfully any gift for her closet, home, or makeup bag will make your favorite 20 something smile.

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