Weekly Skinny: December 12

Back with another weekly skinny during this crazy finals week! Today, I take my first final after turning in a slew of papers and final projects. As a communications major and writing minor, I don't take tests too often so I'm unimaginably nervous. Throughout the semester I've written 25 papers and only taken 6 exams, so needless to say, written finals aren't my strong suit!

I'm so excited though because tomorrow I'll be heading home back to Richmond to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. This weekend we have our Smith family Christmas party which is sure to be a blast, which will then be followed by a week of relaxation (and few shifts at work I'm sure). It'll be nice though to not have to worry about a 30 page paper looming over my head for at least a few weeks. I need to make sure to get a jump on my Christmas shopping though, seeing as I haven't bought a thing for a single friend or family member! In case you missed it, I shared my Christmas list here, make sure to catch up!

PolarTec Fleece from J. Crew - This fleece is my new favorite winter essential. It was on my Christmas list and I decided to go ahead and order it while it was on sale this Black Friday. It finally came in the mail last week and I haven't stopped wearing it. With jeans, leggings, or joggers it's by far the coziest half zip I own. I can't stop sharing it on Instagram either, but it's so amazing so I don’t plan on holding off on sharing. The jacket comes in several colors and J. Crew is almost always having a sale! It's not too late to add it to your Christmas list!

Wired Autocomplete Interview - I've been a big fan of the Wired Autocomplete Interviews for about a year now and their two most recent videos have featured some of my favorite people. First, this David Dobrik interview is great. My roommates and I are big fans of David's vlogs and seeing him in front of the camera for once was a nice change to his own YouTube videos. Also, this Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie interview was great too! I already have plans to see the new Mary Queen of Scotts movie and this video made me even more excited for it. I loved “I, Tonya” and “Wolf of Wall Street” with Margot Robbie and “Ladybird” with Ronan is one of my all-time favorite movies, so I'm excited to see the two share the screen.

Bakemas - Meghan Rienks put a spin on the popular "vlogmas" trend on YouTube and instead is doing "bakemas" where she releases a new baking video every day until Christmas. This is a great alternative for cooking shows if you don't have the time to sit and watch an entire episode. The first seven days of the series, Meghan released Great British Bakeoff recipes and now she's sharing kitchen classics we all love. They're quick videos, but really well produced.

7 Days Out- OMG!! Netflix is releasing a new series called 7 Days Out, which goes inside a Chanel Couture show and other landmark events. It's a documentary styled series for every fashion lover out there. Vogue just released the trailer for the series yesterday and may I say, it looks a-ma-zing. I can't wait for it to air.

Tie Shoulder Mini Dress - December and January are sequin season as far as I’m concerned. There's a way to wear sequins without looking tacky or trashy and I think this dress fits the bill. This delicate tie-shoulder dress from Urban Outfitters is so simple and perfect for the upcoming holidays and new year! Style this dress with fun booties or with a black turtleneck bodysuit, tights and black heels for a warmer but just as chic look.

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