Weekly Skinny: January 2nd

2019!! What a fresh start!

I headed back to school a few days early to enjoy a stay-cation in my apartment. I've only been here for a few days but I've already purged my room, taken down the Christmas decorations and run almost every item of clothing and linens I own through the wash. It's a nice way to start off a new year -- cleaning out my clutter and washing away dirt both figuratively and literally. It's also a nice excuse to not go anywhere, not spend any money, and not fill my schedule with anything before a hectic second semester picks up.

Even though it's only two days into the new year, of course I have a few favorite I want to share with you all!

York Wash Denim - I hunted high and low for a fabulous pair of high waisted jeans in my price range and I finally found them at Madewell. I instantly fell in love with them when I saw the two-toned raw hem on the denim. They're affordable and fit incredibly well. Madewell makes the jeans in petite, regular, and tall sizes too, so no matter your height, they'll look amazing on you.

Stranger Things Season 3 - FINALLY!! Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows. Last Halloween I literally stayed home while all my friends went out because I wanted to watch season 2. On New Year's Eve, the Stranger Things producers shared a teaser and the release date of July 4, 2019 with the fans. The teaser photo shows Eleven holding Mike's hand and Will and Eleven realizing something approaching the kids, although children who haven't experienced the upside-down do not seem to notice. All I hope is that Billy gets plenty of screen time in season 3.

Every Beauty Secret Per Vogue - Vogue YouTube did a great job in 2018 of featuring current and popular celebrities on various videos. Many of these celebrities shared their various makeup and hair routines in just minutes. Although I don't fully believe Kendall Jenner does her own makeup every single day as her video explained, I loved watching her share a natural and quick makeup routine. Vogue compiled the best of the best tips throughout the past year and shared them with us in one easy video.

V-Neck Thermal Top - This is the perfect top to style a thousand different ways this winter. It's a thermal so it's perfect for long days outdoors, but because it has such a fashionable neckline and sleeve, you can style this will leggings, skirts, and your favorite pair of jeans. It comes in 10 different colors too!

2019 Vibes Pinterest - Readers seemed to enjoy yesterday's post and really enjoyed hearing about my change in style and where I pull my inspiration from. If you want to follow my style inspiration and new trends I'm watching, follow my 2019 Vibes Pinterest board. You won't be disappointed!

What is you favorite thing to do at the beginning of a new year? Comment below!

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