Weekly Skinny: January 9th

Happy Wednesday! I just started off my sixth semester of college, only two more to go! So far, the week hasn't been too hectic but amidst navigating new classes and learning the ways of new professors, I'm also going through training for a new job so things are still busy as ever. Looking at the weather report though, it's looking like it might be a snowy weekend at JMU which calls for movie marathons, sleeping in, and wine night with my roommates.

It's weird to say that I'm halfway finished with the semester and now more than halfway through college in general. I'm not going to grad school so I only have a year and a half left of my education before the real world gets me 🤭. Nevertheless, this semester has a lot packed into it already. Between informal recruitment (which I'm in charge of), Greek Sing, the blog, Markley Prescott, a capstone class and taking on an additional job at school I don't think I'll have much downtime these next sixteen weeks. Hopefully I can carry over that busy schedule with an incredible internship this summer -- we'll see though!

What I'm Drinking: Medicine Ball tea from Starbucks. I'm slowly converting all of my friends to drink the medicine ball too. This is on the Starbucks secret menu and is a swift kick to an illnesses butt. It's boiling hot water split with a heavy dose of lemon and is steeped with two Teavana tea bags: Peach Tranquility and Jade Citrus Mint. Between the lemon and mint, your sinuses are sure to clear up and you'll feel re-energized.

What I'm Eating: It's freezing cold so I'm not cooking anything but comfort food. This Ina Garten garlic roasted potato recipe is to die for. I think I've shared it before, but I need to reshare because it's perfect for freezing cold days this January. PS. It's vegetarian!

What I'm Watching: YOU. This show is spooky but I can't stop watching. This is Dan Humphrey five years after Gossip Girl and he's still not over any of the high school drama. It's intense love meets creepy stalked. The way the story is written is great and it's very little dialogue with overwhelming narrative. ALSO, this past weekend, I watched the entire Twilight series. I've never watched it, but they're all on Hulu. I am 100% #TeamJacob, but I'm about 6 years too late to the party.

What I'm Listening To: I created a new playlist on Spotify that I've listened to all week long. It's a combination of folk and pop and has the perfect mix of fast and slow tunes. It'll put you in your feels but can also put you in the happiest mood.

Personalized Denim Jacket - I shared this custom denim jacket on my Instagram and it got such great feedback! My sister, Lisa, started her own repurposed denim company on Instagram and created this jacket for me. She's selling them through IG and will ship you custom orders! I got a diamond on mine for ADPi but she can put anything on the back and even does a little bit of stitch work.

Horoscope Necklace + Ring Set - This dainty necklace is so adorable and it ON MAJOR SALE right now. Horoscopes are so on trend, but this little bauble can easily be incorporated into your everyday style with its little crystal detail. Anthropologie still have every single zodiac sign in stock and they're an additional 40% off.

Margot Lee "Life of an Entrepreneur" - Margot Lee posted a YouTube video following her entrepreneur friend around NYC for a day. For any of you who want to start a business, be a CEO, or just love learning about business this is a great watch. You see the hustle of answering dozens of emails in cabs and elevators, but you also see her busy schedule and continuous meetings throughout her day. It just goes to show it only takes one genius idea to start an empire.

One Sleeve Bodysuit - Winter going out wear is a little tougher to find than summer. I don't wear crop tops in the winter time and you can't wear shorts, so I try to find chic bodysuits appropriate for the weather. This one sleeve bodysuit is everything and I think I need one in every color. It's not heavy like a sweater but is perfectly acceptable for the weather. Style this with a pair of high waisted jeans and mules or a denim skirt and booties for a fabulously chic look. PS: if you shop this bodysuit, or anything from SheInside use my coupons Q1dailydoseofp15 for 15% off your order!

The Best of the Golden Globes Style - Golden Globes style on Sunday knocked it. out. of. the. park. Seriously, this is the year of neutral and red if this carpet is predicting any trends. I mean Lili Reinhart looked stunning in red tulle and the likes of Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Kiki Layne, Constance Wu, Kristin Bell and Julia Roberts rocked simple but stunning neutrals. Also can we take a minute to appreciate Richard Madden in his RayBans on the red carpet?

What's been the highlight of your week so far?

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