Weekly Skinny: January 23rd

Like normal, it's been a busy week for me at JMU. This week is all about Student Ambassadors. For those who don't know, I give tours at JMU and we call that organization "Student Ambassadors". This week, all of us older members are welcoming in new members. After four long months of applications and interviews, we narrowed it down to the select few who get to wear the purple polo and we've been celebrating with them all week.

On top of the busy evenings of extracurriculars, Harrisonburg was hit with some brutally cold weather including the complete package of frigid rain, ice, and snow showers. It's nice we had a three-day weekend to give that snow some time to melt. While we're talking about school, yes, this semester is shaping up to be as rigorous as I predicted it to be, but it seems like every college student is entitled to one horrendous semester to bring them back down to earth. I guess it's my turn.

A new development from last week though is a downright nasty sinus infection that has seemed to infiltrate my entire apartment by now. Sorry for no post last Thursday, recuperating took control that evening. Now onto my recent favorites.

Cheetah Jacket - I've seen cheetah print jackets all over the fashion scene lately. Whether it's an A.L.C. Grant jacket for $2000, this J.Crew one for $298 or the one I own from SheInside for $28 you can't deny they really make a statement. When styled with a simple pair of black jeans and a white turtleneck, you will be stepping out in style. If you want to shop my jacket use the code Q1dailydoseofp15 for 15% off.

Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened - Both HULU and Netflix released documentaries on Friday about the infamous flop that was the Fyre Festival. I remember seeing this all over my Twitter timeline back in 2017 and I was psyched to see the entire story was turned into not one, but two documentaries. Being a PR major, this is truly fascinating to me. Seeing how the CEO of the company handled this situation makes my skin crawl. So much so, I sent it to my PR management professor and told her she needed to watch it. If you want to know more about the festival itself and how it ballooned into something huge and then popped into disaster, watch the Netflix one. If you want to learn about the finite criminal acts of the CEO and his team, watch the HULU doc. Or you can become obsessed and watch both like me.

Holiday Lights by Yankee Candle - My roommate, Emma, gifted me a Holiday Lights Yankee Candle for Christmas because she knows I spend a lot of my money on candles. I'm still burning through the last bit of my Christmas tree candles but to switch things up I started burning the one she gave me. It's delicious. It's a combination of a crisp, snowy night with warm tones mixed in to make for a homier scent.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual - If you saw my Instagram story you caught a glimpse of the amazing box of goodies Charlotte Tilbury sent me. I was floored to open a box of her best sellers and immediately cleared room in my bathroom to display the line. I started off by using her newest product, the Goddess Cleansing Ritual, which is a duo set of citrus oil cleanser and charcoal cleanser. I'm not going to lie, high end face wash seemed like a ploy to me. I always thought it was a waste of money and horribly overrated. It's obviously time to eat my words. This. stuff. is. amazing. In two days, my skin is brighter, clearer, and more hydrated than ever before. My blemishes have minimized, and my redness is gone. I am absolutely impressed and needed to share before the post about her line went live.

DryBar Prep Rally Spray - This was another Christmas present that I've incorporated into my daily life. Again, this is a pricier haircare product ($23) and is something I will be purchasing for myself once I run out. I blow-dry my hair every time I wash it and never used a heat protectant or detangling spray until now. This Prep Rally spray from DryBar not only smells amazing but tames my split ends and leaves my hair noticeably shinier. It's worth every penny.

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