Managing a Small Closet

Apartment life has treated me well except for the limited closet space. At home, I have two big closets perfect for all of my clothes and shoes, but at school I have much less space for everything. Believe it or not, I actually have two closets in my bedroom at school too. It's the only bedroom that does actually. One is a nicely carpeted closet tucked into one corner of my room meant for clothing and the other closet is in the exact opposite corner, covered in tile, outfitted with a light, that houses the hot water heater. Since I moved in I hung my clothes, stored my shoes, and folded my t shirts in the small, carpeted closet. The other closet held storage boxes, linens and extra water bottles. However this weekend , I swapped closets and made for a much more organized and spacious system.

The closet designated for clothes, although carpeted, is much smaller than the utility closet on the opposite side of the room. It also has no light, and a shallow width. Truthfully, it's horrible for clothing. The utility closet has has a shorter rack, but contains much more square footage than the clothing closet and has a light. This past weekend, I swapped the closets and made a few adjustments regarding how I store things. All in all though, it makes for a much more efficient and spacious organization system.

As you can see, the top rack holds four pairs of boots and a stack of chunky sweaters. I fold sweaters to save hangers and rack space. Sweaters also don't need to be ironed which makes folding them an easy choice too.

My clothing rack is pretty short, but holds everything I store on hangers pretty well. I organize my clothing from left to right by jackets, a few sweaters, long sleeve shirts, blouses, short sleeve blouses, tank tops, shorts, skirt, pants, dresses and then jumpsuits on the very right. My clothes pretty much consist of Target, J. Crew, SheInside, Forever21, H&M and Madewell.

The over the door hanger holds my grab and go essentials. Everything from my favorite scarves, most worn baseball cap, winter parka, and umbrella hang on this over the door rack from Target.

Below my clothing sits my Scout Bag Junque Trunk full of t-shirts and sweatshirts. T-shirts are on the left and sweatshirts and pullovers are on the right. These bins are great for storage and come with lids if you want to stack several on top of one another or hide your clutter.

Around my Junque Trunk, I store my sneakers and flat shoes. My most worn pairs of shoes are my Tretorn's, Old Skool Vans, white Nike's, and Birkenstocks. I keep a few pairs of dress flats, my Bean Boots, and Jack Rogers on hand too depending on the weather.

To the left of my Scout Bag Junque Trunk, I store my laundry hamper and my boxes of high heels and boots. I always keep my shoe boxes to help better preserve my heels. They're easier to store, protect, and transport when I keep the box. I wish I could store them on the shelf of the closet but stacking on the floor just seemed easier. I'm constantly digging through my heels too, so leaving them in a more accessible place is convenient.

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