Dozens of Dresses for Formal and Prom under $150

Formal season is upon us! I can't believe ADPi has theirs in just 2 weeks! If you're headed off to your sorority's or organization's formal or your high school's prom, then this post is for you. Since my junior year prom, I have always though formal season to be a little overwhelming. I hope today's post helps ease your mind a little bit.

To me, short formal dresses are so underrated. I wore a short dress to my senior year prom, which was traditionally full of long dresses, and absolutely loved it. In heels, even maxi dresses look a little too short on me, so I now tend to opt for a dressier mini. Right now, some of the best places to purchase formal dresses are having great sales and even the dresses I share today are (almost all) under $100. A short formal dress gives you opportunity to show off your legs and gives a more youthful feel to your look. To elevate a shorter formal dress, wear a simple nude or black heel and add some fun jewelry, makeup, and hair.

Longer, more traditional formal dresses are just as great. Lulu's, Tobi, Boohoo, and Pretty Little Thing are all great stores shop if you want to find a dress to keep in your closet for proms, recruitment, formals, and weddings. A tip with longer dresses is to utilize the safety pin when styling your look. Sometimes I feel like long dresses have the highest slits on the slide, resulting in an outfit that's a little too revealing for my taste. Use a safety pin to help lessen that slit on your leg if you love a dress, but want to cover up a little more.

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Which dress is your favorite??

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