Weekly Skinny: March 19th

This week has been such a beautiful breath of fresh air. Not only has my workload decreased because I finished my eight week class, but God really blessed us with some great weather here in Virginia. I'm writing to you from campus on a 70 degree day. The sun is beautiful and the slightest breeze is blowing making the weather perfect for shorts, but also a sweatshirt. This is my favorite kind of weather, it makes me feel brand new.

If you missed any of my posts from last week or earlier this week, I shared my Nashville Recap here and a guide to some of spring's most popular trends. If you're heading off to formal or prom and still need a dress, check out my affordable formal dress guide here!

Bohemian Rhapsody - I know this movie came out during the fall but if you haven't seen it, stop what you're doing and watch it. I finally got around to it over the weekend and it took my breath away. This film will have you up and dancing, singing along, laughing, crying, and catching yourself with your jaw dropped over about talented Queen was.

Classics Playlist on Spotify - Warm weather makes me want to open every window in my apartment and listen to classics songs from the 50's and 60's . I have a classics playlist on Spotify that I can't stop listening to. It originally started out as a playlist for the Parent Trap soundtrack and grew from there.

Zara Embroidered Lace Dress - It's starting to be white dress season and this one caught my eye early. Zara always manages to take a classic silhouette and turn it into something eye-catching and intricate. I love the scalloped hem and tortoise buttons that give a nod to classic prep fashion while remaining current.

Maisie Williams TED Talk - Game of Thrones fans and aspiring entrepreneurs alike should watch Maisie Williams' TED talk from the Manchester series. She shares her journey from a simple childhood, to the audition room for Game of Thrones which kick-started her career. Now eight years later, she stands as a female entrepreneur hoping to encourage talent, not fame. Dancers, actors, singers, and even bloggers can take away a powerful message to emphasize on honing your craft, rather than seeking a quick blip of fame.

A.P. Bio on NBC - I've watched The Office completely through too many times now, so I started searching for a new comedy to watch on either Hulu or Nexflix. I kept seeing commercials for A.P. Bio starring Glenn Howerton, who was also in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The show shares the story of a fallen Harvard philosophy professor who is now teaching A.P. biology with the one goal to climb his way back up the hierarchy of academia. The humor is subtle but really funny. You can catch up on Hulu and watch season two Thursday's on NBC.

Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt - This striped button up would be perfect for a day out in the sunshine. I can already see it styled perfectly with white high-waisted shorts and a brown leather sandal or with jeans. The bright yellow is a perfect color to add to any spring and summer wardrobe and would look amazing down by the ocean as an easy swimsuit cover up.

Maren Morris GIRL Album - If you need some upbeat music to blast while driving with the windows down, Maren Morris' new album, GIRL, is the answer. Maren infuses classic country sounds with pop elements that makes for a (in my opinion) near-perfect cross over album. My favorite songs are All My Favorite People and Song for Everything.

Olivia Jade Scandal - This scandal really blew up on Tuesday when it became public that YouTube star, Olivia Jade, is now caught up in a tuition scandal with the University of Southern California (a school with a 17.7% acceptance rate). The families of her and about 50 other students were caught paying off athletic coaches to admit their children to the university by listing them as "athletic recruits".

Both of her parents are now dealing with the FBI (Yes, Aunt Becky included) and Olivia's enrollment at the university is under investigation. What has bigger repercussions are the dozens of partnerships and brand deals the influencer had that are now unraveling before her eyes. Longtime partner, sponsor, and collaborator, Sephora, has severed all ties with Olivia even though they just restocked her highlight kit last month. The dozens of news stories are actually really interesting regarding the scandal and of course, the memes are pretty good too.

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