16 Bags to Take to Work

In just two weeks college students will start their summer internships and grads will be headed off to the real world, ready to work 9-5 (yikes!). Starting a job in a professional environment can be extremely nerve-wracking and the best way to give yourself a confidence boost is with a great outfit and a fabulous work bag. The power of the work bag is silent but powerful because it makes an incredible statement as to what kind of employee you will be. It provides a polished, organized, and professional presentation to your boss and co-workers before you even say a word.

Not only should your bag be an extension of your professionalism and personal style, but it should also last with you throughout the day. Your work bag needs to carry your laptop, wallet, keys, toiletry bag, phone, chargers, files, and maybe even a change of clothes if you hit the gym or go on a date at 5 p.m. This bag needs to make a statement but also be functional, which is why I shared bags that can hold everything you need for a full day of work.

I'm a big advocate for splurging on a workbag. Spending the extra money on something you will use every day is 100% worth it to me. Inexpensive bags will wear out quickly and lose their structure as well. I highly encourage spending a little bit more money to invest in a work bag that can keep up with your busy life.

Several of the bags are over $150 and others are under $100! Happy shopping!

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