Business Casual for Spring and Summer

A business casual wardrobe is crucial for every twenty-something to invest in before you graduate college. When in college you need this wardrobe for presentations, capstone classes, and sorority chapters if you choose to go greek. These clothes are critical for job interviews and internships as well. When I was a freshman I had absolutely no business casual clothing and found myself scratching my head over what to wear for professional events. From then on, have slowly started curating my business casual closet to ensure that not only do I share my personality and style to employers and my peers, but I also show off my professionalism non-verbally through how I dress.

Today I am sharing dozens of my favorite items for your business casual wardrobe and why you need these items. With every outfit, you need a stellar bag to polish off your look. You can find my top suggestions this season here. If you're stumped on internships alone, check out my post here!

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Dresses - Dresses can be a tricky thing to find when looking for business casual wear. I would avoid anything too short, too tight, and too low cut. If you think it's too short, avoid it or style it with tights underneath. In the summertime, stick with modest necklines and make sure there is at least a short sleeve on the silhouette. Stick with a fit and flare dress or something a-line. If you opt for a pencil or column dress or skirt, make sure it's almost at your knees and isn't too tight.

In the summertime, play with prints and patterns at work. You can still be professional in vibrant colors, just as long as the silhouette is appropriate for the office. Lastly, keep in mind that a little black (work) dress is appropriate for all four seasons.

Blouses- Silk, cotton, or chiffon blouses are the go-to for me in the spring and summer just because it's so hot outside. Numbers 8, 13, and 14 are three examples of delicate blouses in beautiful hues that would be perfect for the workplace. Blouses like these tucked into a pair of high-waisted cigarette pants will be my uniform this summer. Make sure to have white blouses on hand both in classic button up style and more feminine styles as well with ruffles and bows. A white blouse will literally never go out of style so having several in your closet is always a good idea!

Blazers - Blazers are professional and great for accessorizing. I invested in a few last fall and am on the hunt for a few for the warmer weather. Linen blazers are great for spring and summer, but even a nice navy or white blazer is great for the workplace. I think white on white is exceptionally classy and trendy and will look fabulous when paired with a pastel colored blouse. Don't be afraid to play with printed blazers as well! I know it can seem scary to go outside of the "business casual" comfort zone but as long as the print isn't too obnoxious, you're clear to wear a busy blazer.

Pants - Odds are, your business casual wardrobe will be full of different pairs of pants that you can wear to work. First, no jeans. Ever. Invest in a few pairs of slacks, cigarette pants, or pixie pants to keep on rotation in your wardrobe. I would have a black and a navy pair on hand always. In fact, have a pair of back up black pants, just in case. From there, experiment with fun colors, prints, and patterns. Make sure they're not too tights and don't have rips in them. Even culotte length pants are appropriate for the workplace if you dress them up with an appropriate blouse and pair of shoes.

Shoes- When it comes to shoes for your workplace, I suggest finding a few pairs of go-to flats what you can wear regularly. Don't wear sandals or flip flops to your job. They're far too casual. Also, don't feel like you should wear high heels every day. If you do opt for a pair of heels every now and then, I suggest a one to two-inch block heel. They're sturdy to walk around in, comfortable for all-day wear, and can be worn outside of the office as well. Target has incredible block heel options. Flats, loafers, and mules are what you can find me in this summer at my internship. Number 28 is already in my shopping cart at Target!

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