Weekly Skinny: April 24th

Only five days until summer. Seriously where on earth did junior year go? In just a week, the class of 2019 will graduate and I will enter into my final year of formal education. It's a little scary to think about, and if I look back on this year, I might cry just a little bit. I've already turned in 3/5 finals and only have to edit one more paper and take one written test. A long recap of the year, how I grew, and what I learned will be posted on Tuesday so I hope you check back for that!

For today, I'm sharing a lot of items summertime. I'm telling you now, if I don't get my hands on a pair of those safari shorts from Forever 21 (shared below), I'm going to be so sad! What's going on in your week? Let me know in the comments!

Black Arizona Birkenstocks - This is the shoe I've been living in for the past few weeks. Although it's not a unique loafer mule or a pair of floral heels, these Birkenstocks are the shoe that seems to make their way out of my apartment several times a week. They're comfortable and casual and durable too. I style them with casual looks and easy linen pants -- perfect for the beach!

Safari Shorts - These are in the cart and ready for purchase for when payday rolls around next week. These safari shorts are fabulous and perfect for the quickly arriving summertime. They're so unique and the muted sorbet tones remind me of an 8 p.m. sunset at the beach. Lilly Pulitzer lovers need these shorts! Best of all, they're under $20.

How to Be an Overnight Success - I picked this book up at Barnes and Noble several months ago and never ended up reading it because of my workload. I quickly grabbed it off the shelf on my way to the pool yesterday and 50 pages in -- I'm hooked. This book tells the trials and successes of Maria Hatzistefanis, the CEO and Founder of Rodial, a luxury beauty and skin care line. She accounts that, despite the title of her book, she was not an overnight success, but worked hard for nearly a decade so when the time came, it was as if her fame happened within hours.

High Waisted Shorts - I hunted high and low and finally found a pair of high waisted shorts that I love. On trend, comfortable, and elongating, these high waisted shorts will be on repeat all summer long. Also, they're $24. Trust me, you'll get your wear's worth within the first week of owning a pair.

A Look at Fashion with Julia Louis-Dreyfus - I'm a huge fan of Seinfeld and of VEEP -- both starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. My sister and I had a long conversation about how season 7 of VEEP is the best one all series. If you haven't watch it and want a good laugh at American politics, it's a must watch. In this video though, Louis-Dreyfus looks back at her fashion history in Seinfeld, on the red carpet, and now in VEEP. Her commentary is gold.

Floral Chiffon Dress - This is the perfect dinner-date, Sunday church, semi-formal event dress that I believe every girl needs in her closet. The pastel, floral chiffon is beautiful and the fabric moves beautifully as well. The ruffle detail in the tiered dress also offers another dimension to the dress that just heightens how fun and flirtatious it is. Style this dress with a cute pair of white sneakers or a gold sandal or espadrille for sweet and feminine look.

Tortoise Shell Glasses - I lost my sunglasses and am willing and ready to splurge on a new pair for my upcoming trips to the beach. I knew I wanted a tortoise pair of glasses and found this retro, yet classic looking pair from Tuckernuck.