I Started a Clothing Line! Hello, Markley Prescott!

Have you heard the news?? I’m starting a clothing line! I know it’s a little wild to start a company when your 20 years old, but exciting things happen when you push the boundaries and go outside of your comfort zone. A year ago, my dad looked at a then 19 years old Lucy, and asked if I had ever thought about starting a clothing line. I’ll never forget us driving home from the beach, through Williamsburg, down I-64 and responding “absolutely, but where does a 19 year old even start?!” Another thing I’ll never forget was his response to me saying “when else in your life will you be absolutely debt-free with nothing to do but take a risk?” I was sold.

We came home from the beach and I started sketching. I always knew my religious watching of Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model would come in handy one day, but never in this way! Before the end of the week I had two dozen sketches of tops, bottoms, dresses, and rompers to show him. He road tripped to Alaska to visit my sister and within those three weeks he was gone I compiled a list of designers and manufacturers, sketched an entire collection, created a brand handbook, and even came up with a company name.

Speaking of company name -- who on earth is Markley Prescott? Markley is a family name. It’s my paternal grandmother’s maiden name and has been handed down from generation to generation. She and her brother are the last in the Markley line. With her permission, I am honored to let the family ties live on through this brand. Prescott stems from the home where my sisters and I grew up. Thousands of memories were made on Old Prescott Road and when we moved three years ago, I left a piece of my heart there. The combination of family tradition and happy memories made for the absolute perfect brand name. As I brainstormed names for the line, I couldn’t stop thinking about Markley Prescott.

Markley Prescott isn’t a person. It’s a state of mind, an alter ego. You can be Markley Prescott if you want to! Markley Prescott is the ever-vivacious life of the party. She captures the attention of the room without trying, lights up any conversation, makes the most out of every day, and just goes for it. What’s best - she looks incredible while doing so. Every time I give a presentation, pose for a blog shoot, or attend an event I try to stand a little straighter like Markley Prescott would.

The question I’m frequently asked is about pricing! I too am a cost-conscious girl so cost was very important to me as I started drafting a business model. I’m always nervous to shop cheap brands because I’m unsure about the quality. At the same time, there is no way I’m spending my entire paycheck on an item. Markley Prescott is designed to hit the gap in the market for mid-priced garments that students and working women can afford. At other stores, a cotton-linen jumpsuit would be sold for $100+, but ours is much cheaper! We also do not offer petite or plus sizing right now. We are working to incorporate that as we grow, but for right now we sell XS-XL sizes. Sizes run slightly small, so if you want a little wiggle room go a size up!

Let’s talk about the Lady. Isn’t she fabulous?! Although she might look simple, she’s absolutely timeless and I receive a mountain of compliments every time I wear her. The Lady Jumpsuit is made of a cotton-linen blend. It’s easy to take care of and won’t shrink in the wash. We went with a blend because it won’t wrinkle as easily and will keep in your closet longer. This silhouette is timeless but black is trendy and perfect for wear into September. You can wear the Lady to the office, the beach, on vacation, on a date, out to dinner, and at celebrations. Dress her up with a pair of wrap sandals and heels for a formal, evening look or with a flip flop or a casual sneaker for a casual, daytime ensemble. She has a gold zipper down the back for a little sparkle and the hemlines are trimmed in black pom poms for a flirty token of femininity and uniqueness.

I am so proud of this jumpsuit and of this line. What we release next depends on the feedback we receive on the Lady Jumpsuit. The Lady Jumpsuit is currently available for pre-order. When you purchase this jumpsuit, we will ship it out in early July. She is selling quick -- make sure to pre-order yours today before we sell out! These gorgeous babies are selling like hot cakes so make sure to grab yours!

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