What's in My Workbag

I've never really had to carry around a "work bag" until this summer. My other jobs were party time retail so all I really needed were my keys and my phone. Other than that, I'm at school carrying around my backpack. This summer everything changed when I signed my contract for my 9-5 internship. This is my first 9-5 job which makes this my first work bag packing experience.

Back a few weeks ago,I shared over a dozen great options for work bags. This black, brown, and cream bag matches any outfit and can transition from season to season. It's wide enough to carry my 13' laptop and sturdy enough to keep its shape, even if it's filled to the brim. . The bags range from $40 to $200 and there are bags to fit everyone's individual needs. For me, I wanted a bag that had several pockets, sturdy handles, and a shoulder strap. The bag that fit all of these credentials including my budget was bag number fifteen. I love this bag from the New Day collection at Target. It comes in two color days and is under $45.

My work bag is full of goodies. In addition to my bag, I also bring a lunchbox to work each morning. I have my own little cubicle at the office, so I have a secure place to keep all of my things which is really nice.

| reading glasses | sunglasses | work bag | wallet | lunchbox - sold-out |

I keep two books in my work bag. My agenda and a notebook. I have a few notepads at the office, but I really like having my personal spiral notebook on hand for any ideas I get at work. I keep running lists in this notebook. I'm old fashioned and can only keep track of something if I write it down on paper -- my phone notes are simply forgotten about! With these two notebook, I keep a pack of Staedtler pens too. These are the best ballpoint pens in the game and they're perfect to keep in my purse!

I always bring my laptop to the office. I have a Dell PC in my cube but I really like my MacBook. If I'm working on my PC, I'll switch to my MacBook during my lunch break and work on a blog post or Markley Prescott for half an hour or so. Sometimes I wait out the 5p.m. traffic in the Starbucks around the corner too, so it's nice to have my computer handy to get work done while I wait. With my computer, I always keep my Beats headphones and a spare computer charger and brick. I plan on switching these Beats out with AirPods in the coming weeks! I've also been without phone battery in the time of crisis so leaving home with a spare charger is a must!

I also keep my wallet, sunglasses, and keys in my purse, along with my phone. Additionally, I keep my EZ Pass for downtown tolls and my parking deck access card. My EZ pass doesn't stick to my windshield so if it falls, I'll keep it in my purse. You know...the necessities.

Along with the necessities, I also keep a few cosmetic necessities with me. In a small pouch I keep Advil, lip gloss, hair ties, pads, tampons, and my reading glasses. I also count gum a a cosmetic necessity since I don't carry mini mouthwash or toothbrushes. I chew gum to avoid snacking in the middle of the day so the bigger containers are best.

Lastly, I carry my Lilly Pulitzer lunchbox and a Lilly Pulitzer S'well with me. So far this year, I've been very dedicated to my New Year's Resolution of carrying reusable water bottles with me. The office has a crushed ice machine, which motivates me even more. One odd thing I carry in my purse though are tea bags. I like different kinds of tea and although the office has Splenda, it doesn't have a variety of tea bags. I love the peach tranquility from Teavana and the blueberry from Celestial Seasons.

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