19 Gifts for the 2019 Graduate

One of the most exciting days of life is graduation day. Whether you're graduating high school or college, it's the closing of one chapter and a thrilling start of a new one. If you're graduating high school, most likely you're moving out and moving to college. If you'r graduating college, you're preparing to head off into full fledged adulthood complete with 9-5 schedules, stacks of bills, and a piping hot plate of freedom.

We all know at least one grad we love in the class of 2019 and after so much hard work they deserve to be rewarded. Today I rounded up 19 great gifts for both 2019 high school and college graduates. Shop everything below and continue reading to understand why these gifts are incredible!

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One - High school grads and college grads need to come home every now and then! Gift them stylish, timeless, and durable luggage.

Two - This tool looks a little funny but I have one and love everything about it! This 8 in 1 tool is a toolbox in itself and can help loft a dorm room bed, hang a photo, or uncork some wine if you get a little crafty.

Three - Who doesn't love a monogramed tote?! This canvas monogrammed tote is great for class, the gym, errands, and grocery shopping.

Four - An Apple Watch is a great gift! It's practical, useful, and something you know will last for years to come. I use my Apple Watch for exercise, my alarm, calendars, banking, texting, and phone calls. To dress the Apple Watch up a bit, this watch band looks like a Michael Kors watch strap!

Five - Card pockets are huge right now in the phone accessory world. This Mark and Graham card pocket is more durable than the cheap rubber ones and it's monogrammed to offer a more personalized touch.

Six - Perfume is such a personal gift because the scent reminds you of particular memories!

Seven - I walk around campus and all I see are AirPods. They are wildly popular with students but when I started at my internship, I saw that co-workers in the office also use them too! It's very apparent that AirPods are reliable, subtle, and well worth the money for grads of all stages.

Eight - Essential oil diffusers have popular ties to stress relief, sleep aid, and natural energy enhancements. Why not give your grad a little extra boost with an essential oil diffuser! This is a good gift for soon-to-be college freshman who can't have candles in their dorm room.

Nine - A single cup Keurig is perfect for dorm rooms and first time homeowners (or renters). I know it seems obvious, but this compact little machine is affordable, colorful, and practical above all else. If you need a pick me up for an early 8a.m. or you need a jump start for your 9-5 -- a Keurig is a perfect gift! Ten - This portable jewelry case is perfect for weekend trips home or meeting the family for vacation. Especially for college living, where you're always having to keep things secured to your side of the room, this little case is great for keeping valuables secured.

Eleven - Mini steamers are wildly underrated. My sister gifted me one last year for my birthday and I love it. I probably use it once a week. Whether I'm steaming a blouse for chapter or my tour polo, this little gadget comes in handy!

Twelve - A 3-quart CrockPot is a great gift for all grads. Although a freshman might have to wait to take it to their sophomore year apartment, rather than their freshman year dorm, this kitchen tool is great for prepping meals to cook while in class or at work. Most of my days on campus are from 8a.m. until 9p.m. and when I come home I'm starving. Having dinner already in the CrockPot is so satisfying. Just prep the meals the night before, plug it in before you leave for class or work, and come home ready to eat!

Thirteen - RING front door security is amazing. This is better for colleges in sketchier towns or first time apartment or homeowners. Security, especially when truly living alone for the first time, is extremely important. RING is a brand new, extremely reliable home security system that is compatible with your smartphone and an Alexa. Modern day security, made simple. You can buy different security measures at different prices all on Amazon!

Fourteen - Sometimes the best gift to give is a photo of you and the grad in a nice frame!

Fifteen - I can't go anywhere without my agenda. Nice agendas are a great gift for the type-a planner girl! They're affordable and helpful to the grad. You know she'll use every single page.

Sixteen - Alexa is a great gift for grads. Like I mentioned, she's compatable with security systems, your phone, your calendars, your messages...well, your entire life. She's a speaker and can tell you the weather too! A useful gift in this day and age.

Seventeen - Birkenstocks might seem a little weird to give a graduate but trust me, she'll appreciate them! College girls wear these all-over campus -- I have two pairs! Even post grad girlies wear them to yoga, to run errands, to the pool, and to get their pedicures!

Eighteen - Scout Junque Trunk's have been on my gift guides for almost four years now because they're that amazing. First, they're an affordable and practical gift to give. All the women in my family have one and use them differently. My mom keeps hers in the back of her car to contain groceries and flowers when she goes to the nursery. My little sisters uses her for linens, I use mine for t-shirt and sweatshirt storage, and another sister uses hers for art supply storage. The material is easily cleaned and it folds up for easy storage when you aren't using it.

Nineteen - Not the most exciting gift, but a towel set is a great gift for graduates. If you're graduating college, it's nice to not use your ratty old dorm room towels that you've had for four years. Splurging a little on nicer hand and body towels will make the grad feel great after a long day at work or on campus.

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