A Blogger's Guide to Richmond's Best Photo Spots

Sometimes it seems like bloggers can't succeed creatively if they aren't living in New York City, Chicago, or Dallas. When you do a little digging and research your city, you can find some pretty breathtaking photo locations in your own backyard.

I've lived in Richmond my entire life and ever since I started blogging almost four years ago, I've been slowly compiling photoshoot locations around the entire state of Virginia. Although I have probably 50 go-to locations from the Shenandoah Valley to Virginia Beach, nothing quite beats good old Richmond. There's a surprise around every single corner!

I spend my holidays and summer vacation here, so I spend much of my time shooting looks in RVA. After all of this research, I want to make your life a little easier by sharing my favorite locations with you. These spots span from the heart of downtown Richmond to flower fields in neighboring counties. Although this isn't an all encompassing list, this list does offer a variety of locations perfect for any Virginia blogger's needs.

Cary Street - Busy street backgrounds are what you’ll find at Cary Street. You’ll also find beautiful storefronts, fabulous food, and a few ivy covered walls like the one below by Tommy's Flower Garden.

Garnett’s Cafe - For a quaint yet authentic background, visit Garnett’s Cafe just off of Monument Avenue. This brightly colored cafe also features blooming flowers outside the windows and classic striped awnings.

Agecroft Hall - Agecroft Hall is a majestic Tudor mansion brought to Virginia piece by piece from Manchester, England. The home is located on 23 landscaped acres overlooking the James River.

The Valentine - This historic Richmond museum offers beautiful architecture and blooming, lavish gardens located conveniently in the historic downtown district of Richmond.

Lickinghole Creek - Located in Goochland County about 25 minutes outside of the city of Richmond, Lickinghole Creek is a wonderful place to take endless sunflower photos. This field is in full bloom in June and stretches as far as the eye can see.

Monument Avenue - The houses on Monument Avenue are all incredibly beautiful. Pick a gorgeous townhome and snap a few pictures. You’ll find every home style from victorian to modern, so there’s a location for you. Just make sure to stay on the sidewalk or ask the homeowner permission to pose on their porch! My favorite houses are on the corners of Monument Avenue and Strawberry Street!

Maymont - If you're on the hunt for beautiful architecture and blooming flowers, make your way to the gardens at Maymont! The Italian Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Japanese Garden all make for authentic, unique, and colorful backgrounds. The Italian Garden looks the best at golden hour. The picture below was taken at the Butterfly Garden!

Virginia State Capitol - Bloggers seeking white, bright architecture need to visit the Virginia State Capitol. Located on Bank Street in downtown Richmond, the Virginia State Capitol offers classic architecture, gardens, plenty of greenery, and a few water features.

919 East Main Street - This office building features a quaint little courtyard out front, perfect for photo ops of your business casual looks. Although a small location, it offers classic doorways and windows mixed with modern elements for a wonderful and charming element. It gets great shade in the late afternoon, which is great for lighting.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden - One of the Virginia’s best tourist attractions, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens shares 50 acres of themed gardens with blooms from all over the world. A perfect location for Spring and Summer shoots! *charges admissions*

Historical District Shockoe Slip - For cobblestones and classic brick buildings that line the streets, head to 1200 Block on East Cary Street in downtown Richmond. This location looks great in the spring and summer, but even better during the fall with beautiful leaves covering the streets.

University of Richmond - This private liberal arts university is outfitted with beautiful archways, staircases, and fountains. The campus also features well manicured lawns and flower beds perfect for fall photos.

Jefferson Hotel - The Jefferson Hotel is a pillar in the luxury tourism industry in Richmond. This beautiful building is located in the heart of Richmond and features patios, striped umbrellas, unique water features, and white brick architecture. It’s perfect always, but makes for exceptionally beautiful photos during Christmas!

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts - Check out the millions of dollars in artwork at the VMFA and take beautiful NYC MET-like images. Or head outside to their lawn for summer photos. For a pop of color, head up the outdoor staircase to the flower gardens.

Tuckahoe Plantation - If you want to leave the city and achieve rustic photography, check out Tuckahoe Plantation. Just off of River Road, the plantation, which was Thomas Jefferson’s childhood home, features barns, gardens, and gorgeous pastures.

RVA bloggers, did I miss anything?? Let me know in the comments!

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