Little Black Summer Dress

Every girl must have a little black dress in her closest. Actually, I believe every girl should have three or four little black dresses in anticipation for every occasion. I have a little black business casual dress, a little black date function dress, a little black formal dress, and even a little black jumpsuit. I recently added a little black summer dress to my collection. As trends come and go an LBD is one of those things that remains true and stylish with time. No matter what, there is always use for a LBD in a wardrobe.

I'm pretty bummed because this particular dress was on sale and sold out before I could get this look up on Daily Dose of Prep. Despite it being sold out, I shared several summer dresses below for your shopping pleasures.

I styled this fun dress with a pair of leopard printed espadrille mules. These little shoes are comfortable and made a encore this summer. I managed to grab a pair last summer, but Target brought them back for round two! They've been a big hit so far this summer and always receive compliments. They're soft to walk on and very summery. I also threw on my go-to Madewell medium chunky hoops and my packable boater hat. For the past two summers, this boater hat has been a staple for my summer looks. I can't wait to take it back to the beach with me next week!

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