Weekly Skinny: June 25th

Another week, another weekly skinny. What a crazy two weeks it’s been awhile since my last W.S. post! I’ve been to the beach and back (twice now) and I’ve gotten considerably tanner. The summer is flying by and I’m already shopping for a few things to add to my apartment and recruitment outfits. I swear, I can’t go a day without mentioning recruitment!! Don’t worry greek girlies, posts for you are coming soon to the blog and YouTube. For now, let’s talk about what I’ve been loving.

What I’m Drinking: Lime La Croix

What I’m Eating: Salt & black pepper pretzel chips

What I’m Reading: Game of Thrones (book #1)

What I’m Listening to: Beach 2019 playlist on Spotify

Downton Abbey - Before anyone yells, yes I know this show ended two years ago. Just recently, I finally came to the end of my “to watch” list and needed a new show. Every time I mentioned needing a new show my mom recommended Downton and every time I ignored her. I just don’t care about British nobility really...until now. This show is so good. I get now why everyone raved about it. Some of it is very predictable but most is incredibly well written with plenty of twists to keep dull events of the 20’s exciting. You can watch on Amazon Prime just in time before the movie releases in September.

J.Crew Sale - Just when I think I’ve built up a tolerance to the J.Crew sale section, they always draw me back in. J.Crew just added over 1000 items to their online sale with an additional 40% off code “BIG” for even bigger savings. I may or may not have spent my lunch break a few days ago sifting through everything on the site and snagging a few bargains too. Things are already selling out fast so check it out before things go!

Bravazzi - Every time I go to the beach I discover a new drink! I saw one ad on Instagram for this canned spiked Italian soda and saw it displayed at the store and thought “why not?”. Goodness, this is delicious. It’s sweet and fruity, almost like Fresca. I would be amazing in mixed drinks and cocktails. There are several citrus flavors available and the price is competitive with nationally known canned drinks.

Lilly Pulitzer Remix - On Thursday, Lilly Pulitzer re-released a ton of old popular prints that sold out too soon! Two of them are my all time favorites, so I’m happy to see them back. Not only are these prints so cute, but they are being sold in some of the most popular silhouettes Lilly has to offer. I’m so happy I managed to get my hands on the Jesse Ruffle Romper!

Zara Sale - I love end of June and early July because that’s when semi-annual sale season starts. Not only does J.Crew have a spectacular sale right now. But so does Zara. This upscale, yet affordable store has thousands of trendy items on sale spanning four season fashion. For my 21st birthday, I’m looking to Zara for my celebration outfit!

Viral Engagement - This epic engagement has made its way to the top of every Instagram news feed on the planet. Although creative and fun as ever, I don’t loooove this entire concept but I will say, I too watched with bated breath to see what would happen next. To me, some things are a little sacred and personal - a marriage proposal and wedding is just that. However the entire publicized event was like watching an episode of reality TV and if anything, this couple did a great job of capturing the world’s attention (mine included!) Congrats to the happy couple though, marriage is always exciting no matter the path it took to get there!

Black and White Square Neck Bikini - I shared this bikini last weekend on my Instagram stories and y’all. went. crazy. I had no idea that this $12 swimsuit would lead to dozens of emails and messages but here we are! This SheInside black and white bikini is classic and comfortable. It’s affordable coming in around $12 but with my code ‘Q1dailydoseofp15’ you can shop the entire site for 15% off. It runs small so I sized up to a medium. The top and bottom are sold together so refer to the size chart of each item for exact sizing!