My 21st Birthday Wishlist

Another trip around the sun almost complete and another year almost behind me. It's weird to think that I'm almost 21. The last of the "milestone birthdays" until I turn 40 I guess. I loved being 20 and I'll share more on exactly why on Friday, but for now, let me share my birthday wishlist.

I say it every year, but I don't have a long running list of things to ask for for my birthday. You would think by now I would keep a running list so I don't scramble to ask for something every July and we are. There are only 6 things I can even think of to ask for this year and after three days of intense online shopping and Instagram stalking, I just can't think of anything that I can't live without. I shared below that the most practical gift for me this year is a new phone. My poor iPhone7 is dying quickly. I'll be on my own cellphone plan in April though, so I might as well try to hold on until then.

One thing I absolutely love is the DelBrenna cross necklace. Kate from Lonestar Southern shared it over a year ago and ever since then, I have always adored it. Being Catholic, it's impossible to have jewelry without a cross necklace. I think maybe I should upgrade to this one!!

There are a few accessories and clothes I've had my eye on for a while now so I threw those in the mix. A new set of pearl studs, Ray Ban sunglasses, or navy Tretorn sneakers. One item I didn't include in the graphic but love are these platform espadrilles from J.Crew. I keep going back to the store to try them on, and then I leave empty-handed. I linked them below!

Lastly, one thing I will eventually buy is a Day Designer agenda. I love the Daisy prints and maybe it would be a nice gift that guaranteed to be loved!

| iPhone | DeBrenna Cross Necklace| Casetify Watch Band | Tretorns | Pearl Earrings | RayBans | Coco Mademoiselle | Day Designer Agenda | Cheetah Platforms |

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