Answering Your Recruitment Questions!

After many requests, I’m back with another YouTube video! This highly requested video is answering your recruitment questions. There are a few topics that I get asked about on a daily basis and recruitment and greek life seem to always float among the FAQ’s. Understandably so! Going through recruitment is a daunting and emotional process. I would say I’m a seasoned recruitment veteran by now seeing as I’ve gone through recruitment from every possible angle (minus a Rho Gamma, but we’ll get into that). This post is the first of many recruitment posts for the summer. I know many of you will start rush in just a few short weeks so these will be frequent and packed with information to be as helpful to you as possible.

As previously mentioned, I have gone through recruitment several times all in different positions. First as a PNM. What is a PNM? Good question. A PNM is a “potential new member”. If you are someone looking to join a sorority then you are classified as a PNM. I spent my sophomore year going through recruitment as a recruiter from the sister side of things. A recruiter is an already initiated sister who recruits PNM’s. You hold conversations with the PNM and then vote on her after the round is finished based on if she fits the values of whatever sorority you are in. As a junior I went through recruitment as a member of the “tabs team”. This is an ADPi specific term, however every sorority has a committee similar to this one. Basically, I was on a team that helped make sure recruitment ran smoothly from behind the scenes rather than recruiting PNM’s. I helped make sure lines were in the correct order, rounds were on time, chants were on time, and that PNM’s and sisters were accounted for. Basically, we were like the stage crew for the sister side of recruitment and handled sensitive information.

This year, I’m the Recruitment and Marketing Vice President and sit on the executive committee of ADPi at JMU. Essentially this means that I am in charge of recruitment for ADPi. I teach the chapter how to properly recruit, help pick our what the chapter will wear, choose how the house will be decorated, teach our pref night rituals, and so much more. Of course, I can’t do this job alone so I have a team that consists of the president, the recruitment information manager and the formal recruitment chair. Recruitment simply wouldn’t be what it is without them! I manage this team to make sure that recruitment runs smoothly when the PNM’s step into the house. When recruitment actually happens in the fall the formal recruitment chair, president and I stand as the hosts for the week.

From all of these angles, I am definitely qualified to help you navigate the ins and outs of everything formal recruitment. Today’s video shares my answers to your frequently asked recruitment questions. I answer questions about what to bring with you, how to manage greek related expenses, how to take on leadership positions, what to talk about during rounds, and so much more! Take a look and leave a like and comment. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s video!

Hope you enjoyed the video! See you Monday!