50+ Items from the Nordstrom Sale Under $100

I'm back with another Nordstrom Sale roundup! The sale has been great so far! I really have to commend Nordstrom for putting a plethora of brands a price points on sale for every kind of shopper out there. What I really commend them on though is sharing plenty of autumnal wear too, as we gear up for fall.

I shared on Instagram my dislike for the "Nordstrom Sale culture" that seems to flock Instagram for three weeks while the sale is going on. I received an overwhelming amount of responses from readers with feelings similar to mine. Many readers shared their thoughts on how they look to bloggers to share affordable pieces and take their reader's budget into account. Before we go too far, let me put in on record that I have seen plenty of wonderful bloggers share roundups that run the gamut of budgets and styles -- I commend them! I will say though, I've seen plenty of influencers covering the sale who haven't done the same.

For the most part, Daily Dose of Prep is a space where I share good quality, affordable clothing that I hope my readers can share in. I try to stick to the "if I can't buy it, then I won't share it" mentality. Of course a few things slip through the cracks. That being said, don't think for a second you have to compromise style for price! That's why I so enjoy the #NSale -- because it allows you to splurge on style without spending every penny you own.

After a few days of window-shopping the early access sale, I've found some truly beautiful statement and staple pieces for your wardrobe, all under $100. Most products are around $60, which is absolutely affordable! Everything I'm sharing is linked below. Keep in mind the sale is happening right now for Nordstrom card holders, but opens to the general public online and in stores on July 19th! Happy shopping!

My favorites are the oversized chunky knit v-neck, J. Crew wrap bow blouse, and grey tunic.

My favorites are the black joggers, J.Crew toothpick cargo pants and tulip hem shorts.

My favorites are the TopShop plaid blazer, Carly blazer coat and TopShop leather jacket.

My favorites are the cheetah calf hair boots, cashmere blanket scarf and Joanna III hat!

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