24 Dresses Perfect for Sorority Recruitment

Once again, back with another recruitment post! Every year I get dozens of messages from readers asking about what to wear for recruitment and every year I post a roundup of cute and affordable dresses that are perfectly appropriate for rush.

I do have a few general rules on what to wear and what not to wear to recruitment. These are tried and true rules for every school's rush, even if they aren't explicitly stated. First, make sure that you cover everything up. You will be on your feet all day long walking up stairs, sitting, standing and waiting in line. Make sure your dress covers everything while doing all of that. That means nothing too short and nothing too revealing.

PRO TIP: Whatever you play to wear for recruitment, try on the entire outfit and wear it for an hour. If you can sit, stand and walk comfortably then you found your outfit. If not, tweak it!

Another rule I have is that you should wear something that is not only comfortable physically, but something you can feel comfortable being yourself in. Don't buy something you would never wear otherwise. The best thing to do during recruitment is to feel confident in yourself and that comes from an outfit you feel comfortable in.

Lastly, recruitment is not about clothing. It's about getting to know chapters that you enjoy based on personalities and values. Always keep that in mind!

I'm sharing 24 affordable and darling dresses today that would be perfect for recruitment! They are linked below and perfectly priced for affordable shoppers!

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