40 Affordable Valentine's Day Dresses❤️

Is it appropriate to wear excessive amounts of pink yet?? I sure hope so, because as soon as February 1st hit, I gave a campus tour in pink shoes, a pink coat, and a pink hair scarf.

With February comes Valentine's Day. I love how Valentine's Day has transformed beyond the traditional "share the day with your significant other" holiday. As a young adult, sometimes it feels like there's so much pressure on celebrating V-Day with your boyfriend of girlfriend, and if you don't have anyone to share the day with, you have to sit on the bench while the festivities go on. Not anymore! Now, Valentine's Day is about celebrating all kinds of love whether it be romantic love, celebrating the love we have for friends, or celebrating self-love.

One great thing about college is that during Valentine's Day, many clubs and organizations hold date functions and date parties, whether you're flying solo or celebrating with your other half, you have the excuse to dress up and have fun. Today I've pulled 40 of my favorite Valentine's Day looks for date night or date functions. Every dress is under $75 (most are under $50) so you can feel beautiful on the 14th without compromising your budget. 🥰

I even selected my Valentine's Day look from this list! Happy shopping!