4x5 Pre-Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Today's post is an exciting one. I'm starting a new blog series called a 4x5. What exactly is a 4x5 post? Allow me to explain. These posts feature an affordable capsule wardrobe that consists of four tops, four bottoms, four accessories, four pairs of shoes and four "miscellaneous" items that could be dresses, blazers or coats. These 20 items combined will lend you dozens of outfits. I share all 20 items as a collection and then share several outfit combinations to help get your creative juices flowing. Today's post features twelve looks.

Today's 4x5 is a pre-spring capsule wardrobe. It's still a little chilly in the Mid-Atlantic, but I am so over winter. Snow, ice, slush - get out of here! I need sunshine, blooming trees and warmer afternoons. I love this minimal capsule wardrobe. The color scheme could mesh into winter, but the hints of blush pink easily take it into spring. Each individual item is under $100 and odds are, you already have similar items in your closet, you just need to fill in the gaps with a few key pieces.