Atlanta Apartment: Bedroom

I signed on my apartment in Atlanta! I've been staying in ADPi provided housing for the past week and will move next week. It goes without saying that I'm so excited. The great thing about provided housing is that I had the opportunity to apartment hunt in the city, rather than online. I also had the opportunity to get settled in town and take things at my own pace. Between graduation, starting a job, looking for a roommate, moving, dealing with a global pandemic and now living in a city facing riots, it's been tough adjusting to this new chapter at a breakneck pace.

On Wednesday though, God seemed to answer one of the prayers on my list by having my housing and roommate hunt line up at just the right moment. My new roommate, also a recent grad, and I should be moving into our Midtown two bedroom/two bathroom apartment in just five days.

My room has a private bathroom and a walk-in closet. There is no technical master bedroom since they are both the same size. One has a larger closet, the other has a larger bathroom. I ended up with the room with the larger closet. The closet will hold all of my clothes, so there's no need to purchase a dresser 🙌. The only downside is that every apartment I had in college came furnished so I have absolutely no furniture...not even a bed! I knew furniture was expensive, but trying to buy it all at once is a big chunk of change.

I've been searching the internet looking for affordable furniture but one place where I don't want to compromise is my bedroom. I loved my little sanctuary in college and I want to recreate the same warm environment in Atlanta with a more mature feel. Pictures will have frames, no bulletin boards, and things will not be taped to the wall 🤣. Here's what's in my cart right now!

Pink Stripe Duvet - Look familiar? This is the same duvet I had in college but it's blush pink. I still love the blue but I wanted something new and the price was too good to pass up. This was on major sale, and then I could take an additional 50% off making this $159 duvet cover just $42. I plan on layering this with all white sheets, a simple white down comforter and a white headboard (eventually).

Instagram Frames - I love these little frames. They're 8x8 with a four inch mat, leaving room for a 4x4 photo. I had eight of these hanging in my college apartment and I'm going to purchase one more to make them nine. I'll hang three rows of three photos.

Gold Circle Mirror - This was the splurge of my senior year. I love this gold circular mirror. If you recall, it was propped up on my dresser in college and now I have no qualms about hanging it on the wall. You can find these almost anywhere, but Target has them for a great price.

Gold Base Lamp - My lamps are similar to this one, but I purchase mine a few years back and couldn't find the exact ones online. Regardless, Target makes great matte gold lamp bases in so many shapes. I'll use these for my entry way table and my nightstand.

Glasstop Side Table - This little table will serve as my bedside table. I plan on keeping things relatively clutter free and I love how the glass top adds some dimension to the space. The only downside is the lack of a drawer but looking back, I never really used my drawer in my old nightstand for too much so I plan on leaving a small trinket tray on the table for lip balm, earrings, and other knickknacks.

Candles - My love for candles runs deep and I'm pumped to bring some matching candles into my room. This pink champagne Voluspa candle smells great and is extremely affordable. I also plan on buying the Virginia homesick candle just to have a piece of home with me.

Entryway Table - I mentioned that I don't plan on buying a dresser because my closet is so big. If I need a closet, I can just add one from Facebook marketplace into my closet (it's that big). Instead, I plan on saving a little money by replacing a dresser with a chic entryway table. I plan on hanging the mirror above it and adding some flowers, picture frames and jewelry holders to the tabletop.

Ruffle Euro Pillows - To keep the bedding fresh and feminine I purchased these ruffle euro pillow covers. They're under $35 for two and make for such a simple and crisp look. It adds a little bit of texture to the bed without overpowering the pink stripe.

White Desk - I plan on stepping up my blogging game and taking on some freelance work after I get off from my 9-5. Because of this, I need a space where I can sit down and get creative. Our living space doesn't lend for a kitchen table and I don't work well on my bed, so a desk as necessary. This IKEA desk is under $50 and will my desktop computer, lamp and a pencil cup. Since I'm not a student anymore, I don't need much more than that!

Gold Desk Lamp - This is similar to my desk lamp (also from Target), but sadly they don't sell it anymore. Mine has two lightbulbs, whereas this lamp only has one.

Pink Velvet Chair - I think this chair matures the space and ties the pink and gold color scheme together. You can find a version of this chair from almost any store that sells furniture. I love the simple yet chic silhouette of this one though. And it's under $100!

I plan on brightening up the space with greenery and a few vases of fake flowers. I'm also. going to switch up the color scheme in my bathroom to keep things fresh. Any guesses on what color that might be?? My roommate and I might venture down to the Anthropologie furniture outlet in Augusta sometime soon to see what other fun goodies we can find. You never know what might be on super sale! Each week I'll be sharing a new room in my apartment whether it be kitchen finds, bathroom necessities, or living space items. Check back next week for another Atlanta Apartment decor board!