Daily Dose of Prep Campus Life Favorites

At school there are fashion and lifestyle items that I always grab for. For years, these items have been tried and true for me and they're my "Daily Dose of Prep" college style favorites. These items can be styled in a chic way, even when dressed casually, for a stylish on-campus look that is comfortable and cute.

Marley Lilly Pullover - This Marley Lilly pullover has been my go-to sweatshirt since sophomore year. They're almost always on sale and are so soft. I throw this on with a t shirt, leggings and sneakers and I'm good to go for a long day of classes.

S'Well Bottle - Since high school these have been the tried and true waterbottle for me. I know everyone's on the HydroFlask trend, but my S'Well isn't broken, so why fix it. I love the champagne colored bottle -- it matches pretty much everything else in my life so it seems to fit nicely.

New Balances - I think New Balances are some of the most comfortable sneakers on earth. I know they might not be as cute as Adidas Superstars or as sporty as Nike running shoes, but they are perfect for a long day on campus (which is just about every day). I have a pair of neutral ones from J.Crew that look great with any casual look 365 days a year.

AirPods - I swear by AirPods. They are arguably one of Apple's best products. They last long, charge quickly, are comfortable to wear, and have great sound quality. You can find them on Amazon and even at Costco at a lower price than Apple. I simply don't leave my house without them anymore. I even grocery shop with them in sometimes.

Apple Watch - For three years now, I've worn my Apple Watch pretty much every day. Simply put, it's compatible with my iPhone and AirPods and makes everything technological much easier. They sync up to my Spotify, alarms, email, text, the weather and my fitness tracker. The battery lasts all day long too.

TAZO tea - This is a random thing to add into this post, but I drink this tea at least once a day and it's delicious. It has caffeine which is always needed and it's great served hot or cold. Mix it with lemonade and a little bit of sugar for a Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade.

LuluLemon Fast & Free Tight - For the longest time I thought LuluLemon was overrated and overpriced. Well after wearing their leggings for two years now, I swear by them. They move so well, are comfortable but slimming. They hold up well wash after wash, just never dry them!

Madewell Medium Gold Hoop and Pearl Earrings - The only gold hoop I wear. These hoops are lightweight, affordable and come in different metals. I wear them out on the weekends, but they're understated enough to wear with a sweatshirt, leggings and cute hair scarf to class. If I'm feeling like something other than hoops, I stick with a pair of medium pearl studs.

Large Longchamp Le Pliage - My go to tote for traveling home, weekend trips, or running errands. This is the most versatile tote on the planet. I think it's comparable to the versatility of a Louis Vuitton never full. I know the price tags vastly differ, and some might disapprove of me comparing the two, but I can't deny how much the large Le Pliage can hold and how versatile it is for travel, class and everyday life.

Free People Matera Sunglasses - I've raved about these over the summer and when I shared them they all sold out. Free People has since restocked twice more and added two more frame colors. These sunglasses, although from Free People, are only $25 which is a great price for FP.

Biker Shorts - These are the newest addition to my campus lifestyle favorites list, but wow do I love bike shorts. I shared them in last week's Weekly Skinny post and in a week, I've seen a ton of readers share their love for bike shorts too. They're slowly making their way on campus and models and celebrities are still wearing them full force. Hailey Bieber just did a Vogue Paris campaign and was styled almost entirely in bike shorts. I wear these with either an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers or a cropped tee and sneakers as well.