Everything You Need from Target This June

I think I've been to Target 10 times in the last two weeks. In a mission to find my "go-to" Target in Atlanta, I've visited almost all of them in a 15 mile radius and with those trips comes thorough research of walking through the various sections and taking inventory of well...their inventory. As I've walked through the clothing sections I'm blown away by the beautiful pieces they have right now!

Throughout the past few years, Target has done a great job of turning their women's clothing section into a miniature mall of sorts, with micro-collections catering to various customer bases. Wild Fable reaches a younger shopper and the Prologue collection caters towards trendy professionals. They've also done a great job of partnering with major brands to bring shoppers more affordable clothing from coveted names like Love Shack Fancy and Vineyard Vines.

have to continually tell myself to leave clothes on the racks because they're all so. cute. Frankly, the clothing I've seen at Target is worth sharing! This June's inventory includes beautiful matching tops and bottoms from Who What Wear, flowy maxi dresses from A New Day, and feminine crop tops from Wild Fable. Seriously, everything you need for summer style can be found at Target. Here are the 20 items you need from Target right now.

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