I'm Moving Where??

On my 21st birthday back in July my dad asked my what my goals were for the year. I told him I wanted to earn my degree and be employed by graduation. Well just 12 hours before my degree became valid, I got that long-awaited job offer and five days later I started packing up my life in preparation to move to Atlanta, Georgia.

I've spent the past nine months stressing over finding employment, as any senior in college does. But once COVID-19 hit, the job listings on LinkedIN were quickly removed and all resume reviewing came to a screeching halt. Most companies emailed me back saying they were on a hiring freeze and just as I was about to give up I woke up to a direct message from my friend Kathleen and it led me to here.

This photo was taken just an hour before Alpha Delta Pi Recruitment my senior year of college.

Kathleen, a 2019 Leadership Consultant for my sorority Alpha Delta Pi, sent me an Instagram post which shared that ADPi was hiring for the national office in Atlanta. She said that I would be perfect for the open Marketing Coordinator position and to give applying a shot. I read the job description and instantly called out to a few other ADPi's for guidance and letters of recommendation. I texted my mom telling her about the job, and even told her to say a prayer for me because this job seemed perfect.

A month later, I was taking graduation pictures at school and hadn't heard anything. I was a little bummed, but ultimately understood the job climate. I applied for a part time beverage cart girl position at a local country club and told myself to wait to apply in the fall for more PR jobs. Well five days later I got an offer from the beverage cart girl position and was over the moon just to have a place to go during the week. Ten minutes after that offer I recieved an email for an interview with Alpha Delta Pi. I was stunned. Radio silence from every job I had applied for over the past two months, but within 10 minutes of each other I had a pretty lucrative part time job offer and an interview with a coveted marketing role.

Two days following I had a half hour phone interview with ADPi. I was stressed and sweating and quite honestly couldn't risk screwing it up. Two days after that I stopped at a red light on my way to the grocery store and had another email offering me a video interview. Then after waiting a week, my phone rang with that 404 Atlanta area code with my now boss offering me a full-time marketing position asking me how soon I could move to Georgia. I received this call just one day before I finished college meaning i accomplished my goal of having a full time job by graduation.

Alpha Delta Pi was one of the most incredible things I did during my college experience. The Theta Omicron chapter at JMU gave me opportunities to serve, lead and grow and I couldn't be more thankful. I thought my post-grad career would take me seven hours north to New York City not eight hours south to Georgia, but God has a plan for everyone and I guess this is where He's leading me.

I've spent the last week and a half purging my room, putting things in storage and packing up my life to move down to Atlanta this Sunday. Despite moving my entire life to a new state, I haven't signed a lease yet on an apartment. I will be staying in housing provided by Alpha Delta Pi for a month or two while I apartment hunt. I feel more comfortable signing a lease when I can tour the property and see the neighbor hood. So my apartment mood boards will have to suffice for now before I can get some furniture into an apartment of my own.

I've been working remotely for a week now and will get back into the office on June 1st on a hybrid schedule with other employees as the rest of Georgia slowly opens up. It’s been only five days but I already love what I'm doing. I feel like everything I worked for in college is paying off. I love being able to be creative throughout the day and focus on work that benefits an organization I'm passionate about. I feel like I'm in the right place.

If there’s one thing I learned during this experience it’s to never stop moving forward. You will be ignored, shut down, and cut off but there will always be one person willing and ready to place their bets on you. Alpha Delta Pi placed their’s on me and I’m so excited to advocate on their behalf. Although there might seen to be no light at the end of the tunnel sometimes, I promise there is. It’s blindingly bright and shimmering. Never give up on your skill or talent, the perseverance alone will get you far.

Virginia has always been my home. I will carry a piece of it with me everywhere I go, whether it be to Georgia or beyond. I am so excited to continue my professional journey in Georgia and I'm excited to take on a new city, a new state and a job! I can't wait to share this chapter of my life with you starting Sunday!

P.S. - If you have restaurant, bar, boutique, or tourist suggestions for Atlanta let me know in the comments below!