January in Pictures

Oh January. What a month it was. Honestly, I'm not too sad to see it go, but within the stress and worry that came along with the first month of 2020, there was some good. Here's what went down.

The month started off ringing in the New Year at the bar with some of my very best friends. We honestly had an amazing time in Richmond and made a lot of wonderful memories. It was my first time going out to celebrate the New Year and it couldn't have gone better. Then we got home to my sister's apartment and that's when the rollercoaster of January took off. I took my sister's dog for a walk (because I was house/dog sitting) that week, and during a late-night walk with all of my friends, the dog lunged at me and I heavily sprained my ankle. It's still not healed, but what a good story. Literally 42 minutes into 2020.

The following week, I took off towards Texas for the JMU football national championship. I went with a dozen of my friends and what an adventure it was. We had a great time, despite that fact that on the morning of the game it snowed for hours on end. Can you believe it?! Snow! In Texas of all places. This trip was significant for me because it was my first time flying/traveling completely alone. Flying terrifies me, but I know it's a fear I have to get over, so facing it head on was actually really good for me.

Upon returning back to school, I jumped right into class and work. It's my final semester. You can read all about my thoughts on that here. I'm taking some unique classes this semester. I'm making my way through my PR campaigns capstone, but I'm also enjoying my business and professional public speaking class. I'm having a little fun this semester taking ballet and tennis too. The only class I don't enjoy is my intro to philosophy class, mostly because it just doesn't interest me.

This month, Student Ambassadors welcomed in a new group of tour guides. We always surprise the new members and it's one of those nostalgic events for seniors. Experiencing all of these traditions for the last time has made me reflect on my past years at school, and has helped me enjoy moments like this a little bit more.

This month, I took my first session of engagement pictures. I run a small photography business on the side just for some extra cash, and although I've taken headshots and graduation pictures, I had never shot engagement pictures before. My cousin and her fiancé allowed me to take a few photos of them at UVA, their alma mater, and I think they turned out beautifully.

This January, I jumped back on the blog a little more than I had in recent months. It feels really good to share posts again and have genuine conversations with readers in my DM's again. I love connecting with readers and it's about time I got back to it. I particularly love sharing my daily outfits with you all, here are a few of my favorites.

This has been a testing month, that's for sure. I rung in the New Year, sprained my ankle, flew by myself, watched an ugly football game, started my second semester, freaked out about jobs, welcomed in new members, gave tours, celebrated an engagement, went out with friends, caught the flu, and even got my car towed. Like I said, crazy month. I'm excited to see where February takes me. Hopefully less medical scares and more job offers. Hopefully less towing and more weekends with friends. We'll see!