Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale: Lucy's Picks

The most crazed sale of the year is finally here. Yes, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is upon as. It opened at 8am sharp and ever since, coveted items have been flying off the shelves. I have to say, I haven't shopped Lilly Pulitzer since I stopped working there in 2018. My dad bought me the Jessie Romper for my birthday back in July, but other than that I haven't purchased anything. The store offers employees honestly the best discount in for retail employees I've ever heard and I guess I'm pretty stuck in my ways of saving for school and "adult life".

All that said, the company continually impresses me with new and innovative ways to spice up customer favorites but keeps a healthy balance between trendy and classic Lilly pieces. Dresses like the Brewster and the Mila are always in the store because they're tried and true. The APS does a great job of featuring both aisles of style, all with great prices.

The two biggest highlights of the sale are the swim and the Luxletic lines. Both swimsuits and athletic wear are spread throughout all 21 online pages of the sale and almost everything still has sizes left. I can speak on behalf on both the Luxletic and swimwear lines to say that both are beautifully crafted and designed with love by the Pink Palace (headquarters) in King of Prussia, PA. Lilly Pulitzer worked for years to perfect the swimwear line and when it rolled out two summers ago, customers couldn't seem to get enough of it. This is a perfect opportunity to jump on a great deal and truly come out a winner with a fabulous product.

In addition to the swim and athletic clothing featured prominently throughout the sale, Lilly (as always) placed several summer faves on the racks too. I swear by my Jane Maxi Dress and was pleasantly surprised to see not one but two color ways placed on sale at an affordable price. I also love the Alpina Skirt Set and the Mila Stretch Shift Dress -- which are both on sale as well. There are even plenty of fall necessities on sale like lightweight scarves, Kelly Skinny Ankle Pants and a variety of knit sweaters. See and shop my picks below!