My Christmas Wishlist 2019

Another year, another Christmas Wishlist post. Every year it gets harder and harder to ask for things, so back in August I started writing down anything that I even remotely wanted but couldn't afford so when it comes time to send a Christmas list to the appropriate people, I would be prepared. How type-A of me - tracking Christmas wishes in the summertime. 

I'm at a weird point of life where I have to start asking for practical gifts and thinking towards things to fill an apartment. If I knew where I would be working after graduation, I'm sure my Christmas list would be a mile long but since that's still a big question mark anything for an apartment will have to wait until graduation. 

This year, I really want shoes and beauty products. I'm genuinely terrified of Sephora's because I get so overwhelmed in the store, but I've slowly gotten acquainted with the store and it's products to I'm asking for a few higher-end beauty items this Christmas. Here's what's on my list...

Wine Rack - I know I'll be living somewhere next year, I'm just not quite sure the exact location. Regardless of geography, I want to start collecting things for a proper kitchen and I think this little wine rack would be perfect for my countertop. 

JMU Class Ring - I've wanted a class ring for a few years now and I would love to get one before I graduate. This is the Laurel style ring. It's gold metal and simple style would match my other jewelry and be a subtle way to carry my time at JMU with me into post-grad life. 

Mini Ugg - If all things work out (and who knows if that'll happen!) I would love to move somewhere up north which means colder winters. I would love an easy pair of Mini Uggs to throw on to go run errands or wear around campus this winter at JMU. They're much more subtle than any other slipper. 

T3 Micro Hairdryer - I've had my same Revlon hair dryer since I was in the 8th grade and I think after 8 years, it's about time to trade her in. I would love a more efficient and high-tech hair dryer. The T3 Micro series is offered at Costco right now for a great price! 

COCO Chanel Perfume - This is my favorite scent but bottles of perfume is expensive. I would love this for my dresser! 

Dry Bar Hot Toddy Lotion, Dry Shampoo and Prep Rally Spray -  I love the DryBar line and currently use all of these products. DryBar products are a little pricey so asking for them this Christmas is a no brainer. My college budget can't always afford to replenish my DryBar goodies, so I would love to restock this holiday. 

Tortoise Apple Watch Band - I love my Apple Watch but I think the band needs an upgrade. As much as I love the pink rubber for working out and walking around campus, I think this tortoise shell band is so unique and would look great in the office or layered with jewelry. 

Cheetah Espadrilles - I've had my eye on these espadrille wedges since July and at the time they were $179 and now they're on sale for $36. Yes, $36 at J.Crew. The time to shop these shoes is now! They run true to size and are so comfortable to walk in. 

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - I've started using this product a few weeks ago and I really like it. It's great to put on new acne and red spots. It's another pricey product so I would love a refill this Christmas.

Yankees Vineyard Vines Tee - I'm a Yankees fan at heart so this tee would be perfect for the new season in the Spring. Also Vineyard Vines makes just about the world's softest t-shirts.


Naked 3 Palette - This palette is currently on sale and has shades that I would love to play around with. I've gotten much more comfortable wearing eye shadow this past year and love lighter colors with my green eyes. 

Veja V-10 Sneaker - I've turned into a sneaker girl all of a sudden. My favorite look is a pair of boyfriend jeans, a cozy sweater and a pair of casual sneakers. I love these Veja V-10 sneakers and I especially love the blush pink accents. Blush pink is my favorite color (as you can see by my entire site) so these just go with the color scheme of my life.