Recapping 2019

Wow! What. A. Year. Did 2019 fly by or what?! I feel like as each year comes to an end all I see are people complaining about how horrible it was or how things went wrong. I can guarantee you that each person complaining also had some beautiful moments in the past 365 days and made memories worth remembering. 

I tooI had some spectacular moments in 2019 and I want to share those with you today. Some of these beautiful moments weren't big and eventful, they were meek and gentle. Others were cause for celebration. I’m counting down my top moments of 2019 in big anticipation for the new year and a new decade. 

10. Designed my own clothing - In 2019 I designed and launched my own clothing brand, Markley Prescott. I worked for over a year on developing my black Lady Jumpsuit and was so thrilled to see it come to life in early 2019. If you would like to purchase a Lady Jumpsuit, you can do so for 50% off! They run a size small, so size up!

9. Traveling to places new and old - This year I went on a few fun trips. Between heading out to Nashville for the first time with my family, heading to the beach for relaxing weekends and music festivals, and exploring the rolling hills of Virginia with my internship team, I saw some pretty incredible sites. I’m excited to start 2020 off with a trip to Texas with a big group of friends. 

8. Finishing junior year - My junior year of college was great. I loved every second of it. Between Alpha Delta Pi

executive board meetings, nights out with friends and learning in my classes I loved everything about my third year of college. My spring semester was particularly difficult however, and I felt like it would never end. I finished very strong academically and ended up absorbing so much information that came to great use at my internship this past summer and winter. 

7. Starting Creme de la Corporate - I’ve had this idea brewing in my mind for about a year now and I’m finally bringing it to life. Creme de la Corporate is an online platform for those who are interested in starting their own brand, learning to excel in the business world, or even those just trying to write a resume. It’s a site for everyone and anyone can write for it. If you have something worth sharing just email us to become a contributor. The site will feature tips, testimonials, downloads, and so much more. It launches mid-January! Follow us on Instagram to keep up!

6. Getting published - Speaking of my internship, that job provided me with an abundant amount of opportunities, one being the chance to get my work published in a magazine. Although it was only in a local publication, there’s something about seeing your name and picture in print for the first time that makes your heart skip a beat. Read my internship recap here! 

5. Turning 21 - I mean, hello! How fun?! Being a senior in college and 21 is a rite of passage almost and it makes weekends so much easier. It was a milestone celebration with family and friends and boy, did we have a good time! Life’s a celebration and my 21st was too! See my birthday recap here! 

4. Pulling off sorority recruitment - Phew! I’m glad it’s over! Formal recruitment is what consumed my mind for a good portion of 2019. I worked on it from February through September and was happy to see the event be added to the history books. I learned more in those few months about my capabilities and Adobe Premiere than I planned to. We overcame obstacles, beat benchmark measurements, problem solved like nobody’s business and took some fun Instagram pictures along the way. See the posts from recruitment here and here

3. Forming new relationships - With such a busy first semester of senior year, my relationships with close friends remained the same, but a few shifted. With all things in life, change is inevitable but that change isn’t bad though. I formed a few wonderful relationships with both new and old friends and met people that helped shape the second half of my year. Who says it’s too late for a senior in college to make new friends? 

2. Starting senior year - 2019 marked the start of my senior year of college. The last formal education I will receive and the last time living in Harrisonburg. I love JMU and I have loved the memories and friendships that I’ve made throughout my time there. The point of senior year is to finish college strong, but also soak up all the little moments that I can’t get back. I know I’ll miss the early morning wakeup calls for tailgates, working finals week at the library, wandering through Barnes & Noble to get my mind off studying, and breakfast dates at Dunkin’ -- all of it is meant to be celebrated and I think so far my friends and I have been successful. 

1. Experiencing personal growth - I grew a lot this year, like a lot. That’s the point of seeing another year pass, right? To grow in both, mind, body and soul? 2019 taught us all lessons and I hope that with each one I walked away a little more mature and with a greater view of the horizon. This year I worked really hard in seeing another person’s point of view and be a little more understanding than the year before. I also worked on being comfortable in my own skin, a lesson each of us can work on throughout life. I feel like I made strides to the person I wish to become and for that, I am grateful for 2019, the good, the bad, the ugly and the wonderful. 

P.S. -- Thank you for remaining patient as I took the month of December to study finals week, return to my internship and enjoy the holidays with friends and family. It was a busy month and the extra time away from the blog helped me balance it all. 💗