Recent September Purchases

This month, I've really come into my budget and feel like I'm hitting my stride when it comes to managing bills and expenses. I was super cautious the first few months, not really allowing myself to spend too much money on "extra stuff". But, since picking up a second job and managing that budget, I've allowed myself to exercise some frivolous spending here and there and the borderline shopaholic in me is super happy.

Today I'm sharing all of the things I've purchased throughout the month. From hair care, to office wear, to bedding - you name it, it's on the list. I share a little about each purchase below as well. Shop the post below!

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Opal House Bedding - I went into Target on Tuesday with the intention of buying a candle and some bagels and walked out with a new comforter. I have a pink and white stripe duvet that is perfect for the spring and summer, but I wanted something a little more muted for the fall and winter. This Opal House comforter and sham set is not only affordable but great quality. It's pretty substantial in weight and is so soft. It comes in several colors, but I bought the jade one.

Anthropologie Necklace - After probably five months of looking at this online I found it in person at Lenox Mall and decided to get it. Layered gold necklaces are still so chic and I love the mini paperclip chain. Also Anthropologie takes has a student discount which was just another incentive to go ahead with the purchase!

J. Crew Remi Pant - We finally, and I mean finally, got the green light to head back into the office starting the first week of October. Since July I've been sitting at home working and I'm going a little stir crazy! I have plenty of summer workwear from internships but I didn't have nearly enough for the fall and winter. I splurged on two pairs of Remi pants from J.Crew and I don't think I'll buy another pair of slacks ever again. These are high waisted, straight leg work trousers with a side-zip and incredible stretch. I bought the black and the hot pink were on sale for $10 so I couldn't resist!

Revlon One Step Volumizer Hair Dryer - After seeing bloggers, TikTokers, friends and even family rave about this hair tool, I decided to try it for myself. Wow. Amazing. Well done, Revlon. This blow dryer doesn't get too hot to use or blow hot air in your face. It's easy to twist and move around so you can get the perfect blow out. It's worth every penny.

J.Crew Silk-Knit Short Sleeve Sweater - This is the perfect sweater for transitioning into fall if you live in a warmer climate. This lightweight pullover sweater tucks nicely into work pants and looks great style casual with jeans and a sneaker. Throw on some layered necklaces and a pair of fun earrings and you've got yourself a look!

Cindy Sneakers - I've had my eye on these since last fall and saw them back in stock last week and just went for it. These shoes, lined with a memory foam wedge, run almost an entire size small. I'm a 9 and bought an 8. They are my new airport shoe since they zip on and off. Almost every size has sold out online but they arrived in stores last week so lots of in-store locations still have sizes.

Vanilla Pumpkin Candle - This is the best fall candle hands down and I've bought three of them so far! This three wick candle is only $10 and is the perfect balance of warm pumpkin spice and sweet vanilla.

J.Crew Sophie Blazer Sweater - The Sophie Blazer Sweater is one of the best things J.Crew sells. They give you the formality of a blazer with the comfort of a sweater. The sleeves are slightly cropped for layering with button downs and the pockets are a nice touch for a phone or a few knickknacks if you work on your feet and need to carry some things around with you throughout the day. It runs true to size and comes in five or six different colors.

J.Crew V Neck Cardigan Sweater - If there's one thing to buy from J.Crew this fall it's this sweater. I didn't realize that I needed a cheetah print cardigan until I saw a cheetah print cardigan. This is the perfect dress-it-up or dress-it-down piece. I wear it with my Remi pants and a white button up and loafers for work but I also wear it with a pair of jogger and a simple tee when I'm hanging around the house.

J. Crew Cheetah Leggings - I wanted the Carbon 38 leopard leggings for so long and they were just too expensive. With my J.Crew discount and the promo that was already going on, it made much more sense to go with the J.Crew leopard leggings instead. Another dress-it-up dress-it-down look, these leggings are great with a workout top and sneakers, but also look great with a layered chambray top/white sweater combo.

Vestique Shoulder Pad Dress - I love Vestique's clothing but never purchased anything since it was all online - or so I thought. Turns out, they have a store in Georgia about 12 minutes from me so I took a trip one Friday afternoon and fell in love with the entire store. I tried on so many things, but limited myself to only one item since I already have so many clothes. I decided on this black jersey-knit dress with shoulder pads. This dress is so comfortable and comes in grey too! I actually wore this dress on a date a few weeks ago and it was perfect to look cute but also feel comfortable. A great purchase!