September 30 Under $30

It's fall which means we are slowly beginning to pack our summer wardrobes away and pull our favorite sweaters and coats up to the front of our closets. I love fall fashion. I said it just a few days ago, but there are so many options for autumnal style and the ways to pair one piece of clothing is endless. With fall style comes more expensive price tags. Let's be honest, the fabrics are more expensive for fall clothes, and more of it is used (rightfully so).

Now that school's back in session and Holiday savings are starting to occur, spending money on clothes becomes more and more rare for me. That's why today I'm sharing 30 fall items under $30. These pieces range from casual to formal and can be worn for months to come. I stuck to mainly neutral colors because I think they're so classic and elegant with the bright leaves showing off all season long. And yes...cheetah is a neutral😉🐆!

*disclaimer at the bottom*

I want to make a note that with cheaper prices come less environmentally friendly ways to shop. Fast fashion is tough to get around on a budget. I'm shop fast fashion and it makes me feel really guilty! However, it's hard to compromise grocery money for spending higher prices on clothing that's environmentally friendly. If you shop fast fashion, like me, challenge yourself to be environmentally friendly elsewhere! Maybe cook your weekly dinners with less meat, be aware of unplugging devices from walls or make sure to skip buying a case of plastic water bottles at the store.