September Recap

September was a busy and work-filled month. I swear some of the days blended together, but after sitting at home for months in the beginning of the year, I happily accept busier weeks. Although September was busier than the past months have been, it was a fun one! Catch up on all of the things that happened this past month.

September started off with a new part-time job at J.Crew. I picked this job up as a way to have some human interaction, get up and moving, save some cash, and of course, for a discount to help ease the pain of my love for shopping. I work open to close every Saturday and Sunday and have really enjoyed my time in the store. The team at the Ponce City Market store is so kind and I love playing around with clothes, so I can't complain.

Of course, I worked my full-time job as well. I've been working from home still but that all ends on Monday when I can finally get back into my office, even if it's for part of the week. I can't wait to be back in my cubicle with my favorite JMU alumni coffee mug and my "work sweater" as I call it, that's been hanging untouched on the back of my chair since July.

Although I worked 29 out of the 30 days of the month, a lot of fun was had. First, my oldest sister got engaged! I managed to be the only person in on the secret besides my parents (and I kept it flawlessly I might add). Her engagement pictures were beautiful and we're excited to welcome her fiancé into the family.

One evening I met up with my co-worker, Margaret, for dinner and drinks at Gypsy Kitchen in Buckhead. We went on the perfect night to dine al fresco. Gypsy Kitchen's decor is beautiful and I think Margaret would agree with me that you should eat on the patio if a table is available. The drink menu was unique and affordable, so even if you're not in the mood for dinner, grab a cocktail with friends at Gypsy Kitchen. The dinner menu features Spice Trade Influenced Spanish cuisine and it does not disappoint. They're known for their paella but Margaret and I split three small plates for a light meal. If you order one thing, get the patatas bravas!

Another great spot I checked out this past month was the Hotel Clermont rooftop. Located on Ponce de Leon Ave Ne. the Clermont has the most adorable rooftop and is the perfect escape from busy streets and Atlanta traffic. The cocktails are great (I had my last Aperol Spritz of the season) and the decor is perfect. From various seating options, palm trees, and a spectacular view of downtown and midtown this place is perfect- I can't wait to go back!

I also checked out the belt line for the first time last week. The Beltline is a railway corridor turned multi-use trail that encircles Atlanta in a 22 mile loop. Although part of the Beltline is undeveloped and used for hikes, bikes, and nature activities, much of it is paved and nestled along breweries, restaurants, bars, and shops. I checked out part of the Beltline in Old Fourth Ward and visited Nina and Rafi for drinks with my friend, Hannah. This pizza is to die for, easily the best pizza I've had in Atlanta so far. Not only is the patio outside darling, but the menu has anything that pizza lovers want. I ordered the white pizza and the Apertivo Punch. If you live along the Beltline, it's a quick walk from Old Fourth Ward apartments. Also, if you have the time, wait the 30 minutes for the Detroit Red Top pizza - it's their speciality!

This past Sunday, I had my first day off in a month and took advantage by spending the afternoon at LadyBird Grove and Mess Hall along the Beltline with some friends. Here, you can order bunch, snacks, lunch, and shareable plates alongside local beer and CapriSun-inspired cocktails. This is the sunniest little place in Atlanta, dotted with bright yellow umbrellas that you can't miss. The best part about LadyBird is that everyone brought their dogs to enjoy the weather making for the happiest environment. I ordered the Frose and then went back for a spiked Pink Lemonade, served in a pouch!!

What a fun month full of work, food, and cocktails! Little by little I'm making this city home. I'm super excited for getting back into the office, seeing the city turn shades of fall, and for planned trips back to Virginia. I'm headed home in October, November and December so it'll be exciting for a change of pace!