Pinterest Board Capsule Collection

When I'm bored I turn to Pinterest. It's slowly becoming my favorite form of social media because it's entirely curated by me. I source most of my style, home, and vacation inspiration from Pinterest and even use it at work to help gather ideas for Alpha Delta Pi.

Recently, I've been adding to my Spring and Summer board in search for style inspiration. As I've matured, so has my style. Over the years I went from bright, bold colors and have grown into a more sophisticated, neutral, and muted color palette full of feminine and flirty textures. Summer style is my favorite style because it's simple but so fun to play with.

My summer style can be defined by simple colors and styles with feminine and soft touches. I totally support the athleisure movement and think that a few staple accessories amplify the style in any look. Today I took a screenshot of my Spring and Summer style Pinterest board and made an entire affordable capsule collection based off the images above. I also included a few outfit ideas! Everything is linked below and is under $58 (most items under $30).

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