Sorority Recruitment: Weekend One

Phew! What a weekend! Loyal readers have heard me spill about formal recruitment for months and it's finally here! This past weekend the JMU Panhellenic community chatted with over 1000 potential new members to see if they would be a great fit for their chapters.

Let me tell you, planning formal recruitment is absolutely no joke. As is with any large event, it comes with a lot of meetings, preparation, training, workshops, paperwork and of course, challenges. Despite the long nights, mental breakdowns (yes, there were a few) and 6 hour meetings I can say that every second was worth it.

This past weekend JMU only participated in two rounds of recruitment, leaving the other two for next weekend. When I went through recruitment back in 2016, it was 6 days straight Thursday through Tuesday and it. was. exhausting. Everybody had bronchitis afterwards or was sick from extreme exhaustion. Now, we have welcome round and philanthropy round over one weekend (this past weekend) and then sisterhood round, preference round and bid day over another weekend. Both my grades and immune system love this new rule haha!

Although exhausting, I am feeling so grateful for Alpha Delta Pi today. We had a great time as a chapter this weekend, which is all you can ask for when you spend 48 hours together in the span of three days. As the recruitment and marketing vice president for my chapter, I stand as one of the hosts of recruitment so I have to dress up with the two other hosts. For open house rounds I wore this dress from Hello Molly. I shared it on Instagram and several hundred of you swiped up on IG so I wanted to share it again. I also wore these heels from Nasty Gal and these hoops from Madewell. For Philanthropy round, my silver dress was from Forever 21. It sold out online, and honestly I wouldn't recommend it anyways. It was poor quality and was fraying at the seams after one day of wear. I also wore these star heels for philanthropy round and they were amazing!! Highly recommend these!

Below are my favorite pictures from this past weekend. Although recruitment is a stressful time, it'll be one of my most prominent memories from my college experience. This is the last time I get to spend all day long with my sorority sisters chanting songs that I won't sing after graduation. I live for these moments, I love these moments and I'm so glad I get to share them with you.

P.S. -- the pic of me in those Free People sunglasses is a introverted extrovert mood lol.